The Inner Soul vs the Outer Beauty

Bhavya Kulshrestha | 16-Sep-2017

It’s strange when two people meet they actually judge one another by their personality, the way they look, the way they are dressed up, the way they talk, the way they showcase and present themselves. I am not against to this type of meetings but is it the first impression actually the last impression? We judge people by their colour complexion if the person is fair then he or she is very beautiful and charming. Have you ever noticed some people keep profile pictures of some known personality or any actor/actress? It’s not because they don’t like themselves but they think about the version what others will think about it is more important. They believe the hypothetical world is more important and needed for them.

The Inner Soul vs the Outer Beauty

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This happens because at every corner there is someone who is getting bullied or judged. They have this idea that by looking cool or so-called hot in front of their group or others they might get some attention. They might get noticed somewhere and possibility lies that the others will start liking them. This world is becoming shallow by these types of thoughts. They do everything just to please others. They eat less food than take its picture. They do online chatting more rather than talking face to face. They share less but click more selfies. Earlier the era was not there to please anyone or make them happy by sharing the pictures, else it surrounded people to sit, talk and relax together, spend some quality time. Now people carry more beauty applications in their phone.These applications let the person filter the pictures more than emotions they can carry.

This is not justifiable to let yourself get dissolved under such manner that one day you might forget your own face. Try to put a smile on your face every day than to put extra makeup and filters. It’s because you might find an easy way to impress someone but in the long run, you might depress yourself very badly.

This movie Fake Look is based upon the same concept wherein there is an old man who is walking on the beach and watches teenagers, couples, families spending time with each other. They all looked so happy to him. He finds it awesome to look at the happy faces and realises his own lifestyle. Since he is old and does not connect to the social world so easily, so he approaches one boy and asks him to make a fake account for him on a social networking site. His reasons were the same, he wanted to connect to his family who were living outside India. But why was he needing a fake account, the question remained unanswered to the young man who was making his account.

To some questions, it’s better not to find their answers. Sometimes, they just happen and you might not realise it. But loving yourself in every single manner in which you are is most important. Loving your parents in every possible way is the greatest gift which you can give to them. They only require your little time and love. It’s high time to stop dissolving yourself under the Social Media and start moving toward those, who are important to you. They need you and your little time. Even if you think you look unpleasant, they will accept you in the same manner as the day you were born.

I would rate this Movie as 5/5, as it depicts the present fake vs real scenario beautifully.

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