Fake Look Review By Vipul Sharma

Vipul Sharma | 17-Sep-2017

Fake look review

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“Fake Look” is one of those short movies I can see again and again on a repeat mode. Less than 8 minutes of the video, the story has everything to offer from comedy, suspense, twists and an emotional meltdown. The movie has a strong message and has expressed it in a very light and hilarious way throughout its course. It can easily be recognized how Manish Mishra put his efforts to make his work a unique one. However, when it comes to acting, not all the actors in the movie shall you find as good ones. Few might even be a turn-off revealing that this movie involves some amateur artists too, which is good in a way as it shows that this work might have opened doors to new artists and actors. The protagonist, however, is skilled in his acting skills and you will literally find yourself connected to him and his story by the end. Be it the comedy, or the other roles Mr Gautam Saugat has played it so naturally and gracefully. Also, the background music by Rajkumar Das is just wonderful, concordant and melodiously apt to the scenes and the story to keep the viewers glued. One cannot overlook the wonderful work done by the photography director Prasant Mishra. The beach, sunshine the sand and the beautiful gestures by the movie characters displayed with such intensity. 

The movie has been made in a Mumbai beach with hardly any budget to spend on. With just five characters in his hand, Manish Mishra has shown his skills by touching the story to the viewer’s heart while using his resources exceptionally well.

The story would start with the old man, roaming around the sand beaches with a happy face but what his intentions are could never be judged from the start. The movie displays the pros and cons of the generation gap. Not all what we see is right, not all what we see is wrong. The title name is justified as the story reveals how people sometimes carry a fake face in search of what is real. It will question your morality of choosing between a wrong way to bring the right things or ignoring it all at the first place. 

“Fake look” is a wonderful art to challenge our thought process, our judgments and breaking a few mental stereotypes.

The movie doesn’t have only a good story but adds up a cream of beautiful Hindi poetry at the end. I wonder who was the poet as the credits, in the end, didn’t mentioned the name of the poet in specific, but only the one spoken by. There are few movies which I categorize as feel-good movies. And “Fake Look” has now taken a place amongst the top in the list.

If asked is there any one topic that the short movie covers, it could be hard to name only one.  From the start of the video, the movie shows how a female could be victimized in the society, and further it also tells how people can judge right and wrong from their own point of view. From making use and misuse of the social sites, to the parent child relationship that in many ways has either grown or been deteriorated today, the movie  has so much to share in just eight minutes, yet it slowly covers on every topic covering such vigorously and intensely.

Fake look” is a must watch for all age groups. Take out ten minutes from your schedule to watch this movie and one shall find more connected to love and life after it, with you and your loved ones. 

Rating – 4/5

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