Mother is a 'Mother'

Sneha Loke | 19-Sep-2017

How does it matter, she has a daughter or son

“Kaha Tha Na Ladki Nahi Chahiye, Dekh Liya Kya Hua“

Time will evolve her might,
She had a phobia of height,
Still, she climbed her fright,
To intake giant moon's bright.

Mother is a Mother

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In the country where people worship women, wealth is Maa Lakshmi and literature is Maa Saraswati. People are talking about feminism and writing blogs and anthologies, the country P.V Sindhu, Kalpana Chawla, Priyanka Chopra are born. But on the other side aborting a child just because it’s a girl is also a dark reality. Believes that  girl child is a curse and there is a myth that girl is a bad luck for the family

Why do we get influenced by this so-called ‘society’ and takes a decision like ‘abortion ‘? Some take such a big step and end up killing their own child.

Abortion is illegal and unsafe for the mother’s health, but still every year, millions of women choose ‘abortion'. Maybe under some pressure or because of some fear. Reasons are different, but still, abortion is equal to murder. Am I right? or am I right?

Indeed we belong to society and should respect others and others opinions, but doesn’t mean we should change our decision for the society.

‘Abortion’ short film will make you think that how one’s decision under society’s pressure can ruin anyone’s life and can hurt loved ones. A story about a lovely couple, Their unwanted pregnancy, Emotional trauma, and the dilemma of the mother. Is portrayed through this story. You can see the fusion of fiction and harsh reality.

Flims has a capacity to impact on people and their thinking, fagnum selected such a strong message to portray. 

For me, The best part of this short film where her boyfriend supports her and stands for her support.

Why is girl always responsible for being a victim of rape or being pregnant before marriage? We live in a 21 century and it’s a high time that we should learn that ‘Girl ‘ deserves respect and right of living her dreams If any mistake happens between the couple, then they both should be equally responsible. She shouldn’t be judged for her decisions or the clothes she wears or the guy she wishes to marry. Society has no right to judge any women or defame her without knowing the truth.

Why her body is an always a talk of controversy.

Why should a woman suffer just because of a mindset of the society and their stereotypical views?

I will rate this movie with super 5 stars.

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