Abortion Review By Varsha Waswani

Varsha Waswani | 21-Sep-2017

Abortion, the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often during the 28th weeks or in simple words, killing an innocent unborn child during 28th weeks. It is a simple process, just a visit to the gynaecologist is all you need to do. The abortion done within six weeks can be done by tablets with success rate of 90%, but if you delay it past 9-28 weeks, it would require surgical route which involves a curette, a metal rod with a handle on one end and sharp edge on the other. It is then inserted into the uterus through the cervix, and the lining of the uterus is scraped, in simple terms, the body of the unborn child is cut down into pieces killing this life is risk-free and no man on earth can send you behind bars for this murder.


Government views on abortion are casual it has to control the population growth, but religiously it is considered as sin and is more offensive than killing all other life. According to a Hindu epic, during the war of  Mahabharata  Ashwathama (son of guru Dhronyacharya) misused his power and called for the Brahmaputra and directed it to Unnati's womb. To this furious Krishna stated that his crime of killing an unborn child is far greater than the crimes done by Duryodhana, Ravana and Hyranyakashapa altogether. He cursed Ashwathama that he will beg for his life, but he won't find death, blood and pus will flow from his body but he won't die. So according to short, it is considered an utmost crime...! 

In the modern world, this practice is done for the personal desire and greed. The rituals and tradition like dowry have made the life of women difficult. The psychological view that girls can't be good as boys, girls are only made to cook food and to give birth to children, made the society to kill the girl child in the womb has encouraged the abortion practice to a great extent in India, other factors also contribute significant number..!! And I don't support the one who goes for abortion....!! The movie which FAGNUM presents is the best and the message is clear from this article.

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