Is Abortion A Human Right

Kaustav Banerjee | 22-Sep-2017

Is Abortion A Human Right

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Let us first know what abortion means actually?

Abortion is meant to kill a child inside the womb of a mother even before the child can see the world through its beautiful sight.

There are two types of abortion:

  1. Medical Abortion that is by taking pills.
  2. Surgical Abortion where the operation is done.

When abortion happens on its own, it leads to miscarriage.

From the short film Abortion by Fagnum, we see that even though the society, in which we live will always protect us, be with us when required but if we take our own decisions, then they always have a problem and start talking about us in an awful way. In the movie Abortion, we see that in the starting the girl thinks what will happen if she marries the man she loves, what will be the reaction of her parents and society. Will they accept her or fail to even recognise her?

The movie shows us that even though society plays an integral and important part of our life, they should always know their limits and never be judgemental about others decision. Do we judge their decisions? Have we ever laughed or mocked at them for marrying their son or daughter to a person whom we don’t like. If not, then why do they have to mock at our decisions?

The movie shows clearly about the above things. Also, these days’ getting into relationships is sometimes for show off, just because someone has a boyfriend or a girlfriend others think that they should also have. But being in a relationship doesn’t mean to be physical. After some time the boy and girl think that it’s time for all the other adult stuffs not knowing what the consequences might be. How will they be able to handle something which has been done accidentally? How will they tell these things to their parents and how will they react to it and if society comes to know about it, what will happen? The answer to these questions is perfectly given in the movie Abortion, where the parents refuse to accept the girl as her child, the society is continuously making fun and teasing her and also making her image go from bad to worse.

Also, in our country why some people think that women are less powerful than man? They think this because they think that women can't-do things a man can do. In some parts, there is a belief that if in any household, a female will come into existence then they are told to kill the child. These are all because of increasing technology where in today’s world getting to know the gender of the child is very much easy. Also, I feel that women are stronger than men and can do work which no one else can do in this whole world. They have brought us to this world so that we can see its beauty; they keep fasts so that their husbands can have a long life. Do men keep these fasts or do they bring us to the world? The answer is a big NO. In the movie Abortion, it shows that if you go against the will of your parents and especially if you are a girl, then you won’t be allowed inside the house and you become homeless.

One most important thing to keep in mind is that the decisions we take in our lives are for our own benefit. No one is allowed to interfere in our personal lives. We know what our decisions are and how well we can execute them to achieve success in life.

I would rate the movie Abortion 5 out of 5 and would recommend that everyone should watch it and learn not to be influenced by society.

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