Abort the Abortion!

Saurabh Kumar | 23-Sep-2017

You have to be careful when you have to write on a sensitive topic like abortion because you offend a large number of a group when you write about something people don't like to talk about, and as an Indian we breath offense more than oxygen, no?

But anyway, if I have to write, I'll without caring much about how it will go on people's head. I'll not make this something full of literary stuff but it will be more of facts and my personal views on this particular thing - abortion.

Abort the abortion

Let's talk about the root cause of abortion - in most of the cases, it's because the two of you were too casual to wear this amazing thing called condom because this sanjuatch your natural pleasure. Let me be very honest, if you're not ready for something, don't do it. Just don't. It is completely okay to make out, because this is also a way to express love and I don't deny that but when you know the consequences of something will not be what you want, you should always wear a precaution. Like, you are killing a life for the mistakes you have made for your own pleasure and that's not how should it be done, right? If you have to waste your sperm, just jerk off, don't give it some life and then dump. 

The second and widely known reason of abortion is sex discrimination because we are Indians and we love girl child so much that we don't want them to go through a hell called life so we kill them even before they come into existence of life. Kind and big-hearted. 

Everyone wants a girl on their bed, but no one wants a daughter in their family. It might be because of rape cases which cover most of the pages of newspapers or dowry custom we are carrying for the love of our traditions and culture where we make a lady goddess in a temple and burden in the house.

The other cause of abortion is lack of sex education. In our Indian society, parents are scared to educate them about sex, because according to them, this becomes the cause of impure thoughts in their brain, but the reality lies too far. Wrong sex education results in unwanted pregnancies, aids and devastation of many teenagers. When they get to know about this from irrelevant sources, it turns dangerous for the innocent mind of teenagers.

Even today, in the era of 21st century, when the daughter in law gets pregnant, her family members refuse to tell anyone. They prefer to get it checked it first whether it is a boy or not. If the sonography reports say it's a baby girl then they force her to get the child aborted. Even without her consent, she's pressurized to get her child aborted due to fear of society and reputation. And today the boy-girl ratio in different states of our country will tell you the volume of that pressure. 

To stop this, the government has launched several policies to ban sex determination of the child during pregnancy, yet bribe works more effectively than laws. If you think a girl doesn't deserve to open her eyes just because she has to go another home a day and she needs special care, then it's not her but you who is at fault. You promoted this taboo. Get her educated, teach her morals and raise her up strong and someday you'll be proud of her. It's not about gender, it's how one is raised. And I kid you not, a boy or a girl everyone deserves a life irrespective of their gender. 

Here is a thing or two we should know about abortion :

- Primagravida (pregnant lady) doesn't need anyone's consent to get her child aborted. 

- Abortion is only legal until first 20 weeks of pregnancies. [Source: Wikipedia] 

- For a rape victim, it is extended to 24 weeks of pregnancies. [Source: Wikipedia] 

- No one can force you to abort the child. If someone constantly forces you to abort your child. You can file a case against them, they will be either jailed or fined or both. [Source: Wikipedia] 

We need to spread the awareness and save the life which is going to come in existence. Life is precious, learn to love it and appreciate it. And please do watch the video by Fagnum about the same and share your views. 

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