Fake Look review by Ankit Kumar

Ankit Kumar | 24-Sep-2017

Fake look

This is a short film made by the team in Fagnum which is based on the effect the social media has these days on the young generation.

These days we have so many social media sites and applications that we forget that we have our family and friends also. This movie very well portrays how the changes have come from the time of our grandparents to our time. We have so many chatting application as well as a video application that we don’t meet anyone just sees each other on the mobile screens. In the older times, there was a system of sending letters and also cards if there is any meeting to happen or a notice was circulated.

These days social media control our lives so much that we forget to live our lives on our own will. This movie shows the same thing. There is an old father who hasn’t met his son for long because his son’s wife has told him not to. He goes to a beach and looks at the couples and thinks about his own children. He thinks whether they both are happy or not and whether they miss him or not.

He then takes help of one of the guys sitting near the beach and tells him to make a fake account so that he can see his son and wife and also their newborn baby. The main motive of getting into a fake look was so that they don’t recognise him and he can see them happy from a long distance.

One should understand that making their son’s or daughter’s stay away from their own parents is not at all a good thing to do. Our parents have done everything in this world to see us happy and smiling but not to see this day of seeing their family be broken.

Social media, as well as our loved ones, sometimes become so much involved in our life such that they think that whatever the decisions they make, the person in front has to agree to that and many of us do it. We do it because we think that if we don’t pay attention to their advice they will leave them but they don’t think of the future consequences their parents have to face.

In the movie, the boy from whom that old man takes help calls him “Dadaji” and he felt really nice after hearing it.

The Fake Look is a movie in which an old man is trying hard to see his grandson, but he is not being understood by the people around him because they think that he has some bad intention.

I would rate the movie produced by the talented team of FAGNUM a 5 on 5. I would recommend everyone to see the movie and learn to respect their parents and no to do things which make them feel bad, or they are hurt. We should be caring towards them and help them as they helped us in reaching our goals.

Link to the movie is: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIcbni97dcM&t=208s

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