Abortion review by Diptadeep Dey

Diptadeep Dey | 25-Sep-2017


So we all might have heard about the word Abortion. For those who haven’t heard of it the meaning of Abortion is to kill your own children especially a girl before she can see the world from her eyes.

As we know that abortion done purposely is called a miscarriage. But why do we need to do abortion? Why are girls not considered equal to men?

These days’ people of our generation think that it is very important as to what society thinks rather than their own thinking and beliefs. They have given them so much access to their life that they are the ones who would make decisions rather than the family or its members.

These days love also happens according to the wish of society. What will the members think if I love this guy? Will they accept me? Will my family be able to walk with their head held high? This is what will happen when you give so many rights to the society rather than giving these rights to yourself.

This is so much clearly portrayed in the movie by Fagnum called as ABORTION where there are a couple and the girl is pregnant, but she thinks about society and all the unnecessary stuff and the boy as well. But the girl is strong enough and defies all the odds and stays with the guy and doesn’t do abortion.

We all know for a fact that if we live among a group of people, everyone will be there to give their opinions on our decision. Obviously, they have the right to question our decision and also correct the decision if they find it wrong, but they don’t have so many rights that they would impose their own decisions upon us. At the end of the day, it’s up to us to choose our own decisions.

These days a boy and girl falling in love have become so easy like it’s going and buying sweets from the sweet shop. They fall in love in two seconds, then get physical in such a short period and do those things of which they don’t have any knowledge about and then regret it. Sometimes out of fear the boy leaves the girl alone in such tough situations and the girl is trapped and can't-do anything about her problem. That is why in our country we see that teenage pregnancy is on the rise. The things the couples do these days become deadly at the end.

Also, a very important point to ponder upon, why are girls not considered equal as men? Just because girls look weak from outside doesn’t mean that they can’t compete with men. So many successful women have been in the history that has done things that men can only think about. We should all know that women are the future of the country. Without any women, there can be no progress in the country.

In this movie by fagnum, it clearly shows that girls can work under pressure much better than men can. They have the power to remain calm and composed at very crucial moments.

I would rate the movie Abortion 5 on 5 for showing what girl power is and why girls are important in society and why we should not kill them.

Link to the movie: - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrhIxOf2V4I

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