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Saloni Srivastava | 26-Sep-2017


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In the society where we live, having a child out of wedlock is frowned upon. The theme of this short movie by Fagnum revolves around the same issue. 

To add to that, this "society" believes that bringing home a new-born girl is like bringing home trouble. This could have rooted from the thought of girls being inferior to boys, which is again a ridiculous opinion that the society upholds. 

In rural as well as some urban places in the country, people go as far as infanticide, or abortion, to put an end to the birth of a girl child in the household. Thanks to the society for feeding these people with such ideas and making this world a hell for women. 

Given the alarming rates at which infanticide has been occurring, people need to be made aware and their mentalities need to change for good. Because in today's world there is no such task that a girl or woman cannot perform as well as someone from the opposite gender.

Women have continuously proved that they are equally talented and have been excelling in each and every field of work or sport that they enter into. This, however, is not enough to put an end to gender biasing. People will not simply change how they think. Why do you ask? Because of society.

Unfortunately, major life-changing decisions, as well as personal life resolutions in this country are affected by "what will people say". That is exactly why it's not about enlightening an individual. The entire society and its norms need to change. This change can be brought about through advertisements, social gatherings, and most importantly- government policies that do not allow female infanticide and get strictly followed in each and every corner of the nation. Going against these laws should be a punishable offence. 

Coming back to the utter horror and frowning received from the society at the thought of young adults being in relationships, let's reinstate the word: adult. Society needs to calm down about things that are between two consenting adults and not their very business in the first place. Having a child without getting married is a choice made by two grown-up people, who are very much capable of deciding how to bring the child up. It is between the two of them and for them to decide, not the neighbourhood aunts and uncles who do not think it's a good idea.

The point is, live and let live. Stop interfering in other people's lives. Get yours sorted first.

And since the above statement is nothing but a waste of effort on my part, my advice to the people who care for what the society would think of your actions- stop right there. Do not give them what they need- this doubt is what they feed off of. This hesitation that resides inside of you. Stop caring what people would say and do what feels right to you.

The only person holding you back from freedom is you, yourself.

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