About Us

Fagnum is a new way to celebrate content marketing. Fagnum is a thriving content publishing and marketing platform to help the budding startups, bloggers, filmmakers, websites and content writers to help them grow and flourish. It is the only platform which is open for all, be it a blogger or a startup or a filmmaker or a stand-up comedian or a dance enthusiast or anyone with a hidden talent looking for a platform to showcase their hidden talent like culinary skills, singing talent, any form of art etc. It provides equal opportunities to all to present their talent and get promoted across all social media platforms by Fagnum.

How can Fagnum help you?
Are you looking for a platform to make you stand apart from the crowd, to get renowned for your skills/talent, then Fagnum is the right place? Congratulations on finding Fagnum and thank-you for believing in us. We will make sure to make your journey with us a successful and happy one. We organise monthly article writing contest and short movie making contest to draw in talent from across the globe. The best part of these contests is there is not just one winner but winners to give you one more reason to choose us. We award the talent with certificates and prize money and our algorithm makes sure that fair judgements are carried out and no human is involved in deciding the winners. Fagnum also promotes your entry across all social media platforms, so you flourish in the digital space under the brand of Fagnum.

How can Fagnum help sponsors?
We don't consider sponsors as money minters but our partners standing tall with us at every platform. Its our responsibility to market our sponsors and we do this by organising contests. The reason being if you approach one person or one company to promote your idea/product/service then they will implement only their old strategy for promotion. But if a contest is organised, different strategies, different ideas, varying tricks, multiple methodologies will pour in from the talented contestants and the best one will be implemented. So if you want to launch any product or service, if you want to develop a website for your company, if you want to improvise your product, if you want new ideas for your service improvement, then Fagnum is the very right choice. We will help you to achieve your task by organising contests and delivering the best to you. Fagnum will also back you on all the social media platforms and help you grow with us.