10 Qualities of an Ideal Boyfriend

Matters of relationship have always been the most confusing ones. We look for our pre-set qualities into our partners, but I would like to say that every relationship needs nurturing to prosper. It requires equal participation from both the partners. Every girl wants to see their prince charming into their boyfriend. Well, boys, you may not be able to become a real life prince but you can definitely be the ideal boyfriend for her. Here are some important qualities of an ideal boyfriend:

10 Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend
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  1. Respectful- Respect who won’t like to be respected. A girl always wants her boyfriend to show some respect to her. This doesn’t mean that he will nod his head in everything the girls says but gives her the freedom to express and any decision that need support, he is always there for her.
  2. Responsible- When you are in a relationship it’s no longer you and me. It becomes us and with this comes the responsibility that both the people in a relationship have towards each other.
  3. Romantic- A man should know how to show his love to his girl. You can plan a movie or a long drive with an added surprise which always brightens the moments together.
  4. Caring- All girls like to be pampered and a smart boy knows how to achieve that. This can be shown just even by remembering her birthday and making an arrangement for it.
  5. Fun Loving- He should know how to make her laugh as laughter has a stress buster property decreasing stress and strengthening the relationships.
  6. Sociable- He should be approachable and knows how to meet people in the social front. For a girl, his boyfriend must have social traits such that she looks to introduce him to her friends and family.
  7. Clean and Tidy- Yes, we boys are often blamed for being dirty and that’s a strict No! No! When you are dating a lady. This doesn’t mean you should be flashy style icon it just means you are nicely dressed and smell fine. She will like you even in your simplicity but clean.
  8. Honesty- Every girl looks for a man who is honest and truthful towards her. In fact, in a good relationship, there is nothing to be hidden.
  9. Understanding- Everyone of us has our own dreams and ambitions for which we work very hard. Modern day girls have their dreams too, which needs understanding from not only parents but also the man in her life. However, this doesn’t mean that if she is too demanding or has an indifferent behaviour then also he keeps silent in the name of being understanding.
  10. Listening- The biggest trait that a man can have when he is in the relationship is his ability to listen to both verbal and non-verbal gestures. He should make some time to give it to her and listen to her problems, providing his shoulder to her to ease the tension.
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