5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Kavita Chavda | 10-Jan-2017

What's the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about models? Beauty, height, figure, swag, hair, clothes or ramp? Maybe any of these. A model promotes or advertises serving as a visual aide for artwork, fashion clothing or poses for photography. There are certain standards that are to be met to become eligible for being a model. Mostly features of a person are the basis of whether or not he/she is eligible to be a model. Expectations are more specific when it comes to female models. We all have seen models who stun us by their beauty and personality. It's mostly the outer parameters that are looked at, in a model. But here's the heck of inspirational success on your way to this piece of article.

With changing world, the idea of beauty is revolutionising and we have a bunch of female models who rock the ramp by their inner fire that's brighter than the one around them.

1. Winnie Harlow

5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Harlow was diagnosed with a chronic skin condition called vitiligo that depigments the portions of the skin. She changed numerous schools due to verbal harassment by children studying around her and dropped out of high school for the very reason and even considered taking up suicidal steps. She was discovered by Tyra Banks, host of America's next top model, on Instagram and ended up being in the finals of the show along with 13 other finalists. She is right now the brand ambassador of a Spanish clothing brand called Desigual. She was honoured with Beauty Idol award at Gala spa awards 2015 and Role model award at Portuguese GQ Men of the Year in 2015, again. Besides being a model, she is an activist and spokesperson. She's been even featured in some of the music videos by Eminem, JMSN, and Beyonce.

A youtube video titled 'Vitiligo: A skin condition not a life changer' (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__3Hm14whUY ) depicts the strength of this inspiring beauty.

2. Viktoria Modesta

5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Viktoria is a songwriter, performer, and a model. She has spent her early life visiting hospitals frequently due to negligence during her birth by a doctor that further led to lasting issue with her left leg. However, in 2012, she had a voluntary leg amputation that enabled her to improve her mobility. She started to learn singing when she was 6 years old and begin modelling at the age of 15.

She has proved that a person's physical disability can never become a hurdle to achieving success if the will is strong.

3. Madeline Stuart

5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Madeline is the first ever professional model with down syndrome. Her journey started with her firm desire to be a model after visiting a fashion show with her mother in Brisbane in 2014. She worked hard to achieve her dream and be a model. She lost 44 pounds of weight in the order of that and attended a photo shoot. Her modelling career began just in a year of hard work after her mother started an online campaign in 2015 that resulted in two modelling contracts awarded to Madeline. She has gained a lot number of following on the internet and even appeared in Vogue.

4. Casey Legler

5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Casey is the first female male model who has been a former swimmer as due to he as taught to swim like boys because of her proportioned male-like body. The incident where she was made to change in the handicapped restroom instead of women's changing room drove her to the decision of leaving the sport of swimming. In between, she studied architecture, obtained a scholarship for law school and began medical school and started a career as an artist and musician.  She later accepted a photographer friend's offer to try male modelling. "I was put in men's clothes because I fit in men's clothes," she explains simply "The only thing that's particularly unique is that I'm biologically a woman."

Casey has a strong message through this video: https://youtu.be/N5yBui95IoQ

5. Denise Bidot

5 female models who are heck of inspirational success

Denise Bidot is the first plus-size model to walk the runway in Newyork's fashion week. She broke all the barriers of weight and curves and made it big in the fashion industry. She's a great inspiration to all the girls around the globe starving themselves to be in size. She proved that modelling is not just about slim and perfect physique. She has been a leading figure of straight and plus-sized brands for women of all sizes.  

Whoa! What did we just see?  These female figures have really revolutionised the idea of beauty shaking the old worn out beliefs associated with being beautiful. They have earned a special place in this world with the courage of breaking the stereotype and embracing the original self, inspiring a lot of people around the world. You think there's anything now that you cannot do? Go get yourself whatever you desire gulping down this pill of motivation. 

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