5 Simple ways to Earn Money Online and get Rich in a Year

Monojit Dutta | 06-Sep-2016

The Internet is the arguably the best thing that could ever happen to humankind when it comes to earning money and living a better life. It has so many pockets of earning money every day which can be far better than your job life salary. The best thing is you can work in the comfort of your home and outshine your friends who are in mundane jobs with strict eyes of their bosses.  Here are the five simple ways to earn money online and getting rich is only a matter of time.

5 Simple Ways To Earn Money Online And Get Rich In A Year

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#1 Freelancing – This is what making everyone rich every day. Freelancing is the best source of money on the internet. You can have any skill and you can utilise that to earn money by solving problems of clients. If you can catch hold of foreign clients, you can become rich in a very short span of time. To catch hold of clients, there are many platforms like freelancer.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com. You skill can be as basic as typing (data entry), article writing in any field of interest, voice calling, graphics designing and coding as well.

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#2 Blogging – Blogging is that piece of hot cake that everyone is having now. Blogs are going viral like never before. You can write on any particular subject and gather enough readers to read your blog and then attach ads on your site and watch your bank balance go up and above. It can be as basic as entertainment, reviews, videos, food and much more.

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#3 Affiliate Marketing – This is another kind of online work that is gaining all the momentum. It is selling a product indirectly and getting plenty of commission in return. The best products to sell are hosting services where you can get $100 for every sale irrespective of the sale amount. You can become an affiliate of e-commerce sites and get a commission for ever referral and selling products. You need to create quality sales pitch with a review to convince people to buy the product.

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#4 Domain Flipping – If you want to get rich in a short time, domain flipping is best suited for you. It is the process of buying a good domain name and selling it for 100- 1000 times the bought price in an auction organised by Sedo.com, flippa.com. The skills that you need are very basic. You should identify the domain names which are potential gold mines. There are several techniques to find out the hot keywords and form domain names with them. Then you need to nourish a domain name to increase its SEO value. Again you can hire a professional and buy a service and prepare a good sales pitch and become a rich guy almost overnight.

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#5 Digital Product And Services – IITians are giving up their jobs and selling products and services on the internet to earn more than their job salary. Enough said. Digital products can be as basic as eBooks, podcast, photographs and much more. Digital services can be graphics designing, SEO services, digital marketing services and so on. Fiverr.com is a nice platform and you can have your own exclusive site and sell product and service from there.

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