6 Things In Your Purse That Could Save Your Day

Preet Sandhu | 04-Nov-2016

Most ladies have their cellphones, credit cards, IDs, cash, a mirror and maybe a lipstick. These things are necessary and you need to have them in your purse, but what if something like this happens:

You lose your car keys at a grocery store and your only spare keys are safely kept in your closet. There’s no one at home whom you can call and ask to give you the keys. What would you do in such a scenario?

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1. Spare Car Keys - 
Your car is your biggest help, for everywhere to go. What good would it be without keys? So, in case you don’t want to get into trouble and waste your whole day searching your lost keys or trying to call someone for help, keep spare car keys in your purse at all times.

2. A Pen - 
Most women don’t keep a pen with them because they don’t think it’s important. Now, have you ever gone to a bank and tried to fill up a form in a hurry, only to realise that you don’t have a pen? Has it happened to you that you’re at an airport, and you have to fill some immigration forms and you find yourself without a pen? I’ve seen this happening.

So, always carry your writing tool with you.

3. Dental Floss - 
What if you’re on a date and you realise that there’s some olive stuck in your molars? Would you like your date to see that? No. A dental floss is not a gross thing to keep in your purse. It helps you in critical situations like these.

4. A Small Pack of Tissue - 
Spills are common, so is a running nose out of nowhere. What would you do in a situation like this? Well, nothing really, but cleaning it up. You need some tissues at your disposal at all times for situations like these, as they may happen anytime.

5. Sunglasses - 
I think it has happened with everyone while driving, that the sun is trying to make you blind and you can look no further than 10 feet on the road. You need a pair of sunglasses for that.

Sunglasses can also make you go incognito if you come across someone whom you don’t want to meet. Having sunglasses in your purse is a smart move!

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6. A Few Coins - 
Some change is always essential to have. You may realise that you need a shopping cart instead of a basket, but you don’t have any coins to pay for it.

You may also realise that you’re getting a thing on sale with 80 percent off, but you don’t have that change and the cashier doesn’t have a change for your 20 dollar bill either. What would you do in such a situation? Not much that you can do. So, keeping coins in your purse will always pay off.

You have to fill your purse to avoid troubles. In order to avoid troubles, fill it with items that will take you out of trouble in emergency situations.

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