7 Best city Cars in India

Spinny | 11-Jul-2016

Driving on the Indian city roads is not an easy thing, even in metropolitan cities. In fact, it may well be said that if you want to test the maximum efficiency and comfort provided by your car then drive it the whole day on Indian roads and jot down the experience. Your car needs to be a blend of maximum power, ultimate comfort and unbelievable performance if you want to enjoy a comfortable ride in Indian cities.

7 Best city cars in India

There are hatchbacks for the middle-income families while the sedan is more suitable for the newly rich. For the upper-class SUV would be a great option. So here are best in their categories cars offering cool drive in India cities and if you looking to buy one, you can check them out at Spinny.



The car can comfortably accommodate 5 people. That means an average nuclear Indian family can be contained in the car. It also offers a good leg room. The car's steering is the reasonably light that offers easy manoeuvrability. Even women should not find it difficult to drive as it does not require much of the strength. The car also offers reasonably good suspension for city roads as compared to its peers in the same price category. At 160mm the ground clearance doesn’t disappoint either.


Honda Brio

The smooth gearshifts make the driving a pleasant experience offering an equally easy drive for both genders. You also have the options of slotting the gearbox to suit your current requirements.

Honda Brio

The steering is so light that you would not incur almost any force while manoeuvring. Combine to it the firm suspension and ABS (anti braking system) you can literally glide through the roads and snake your way through the traffic of cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Its 88bhp 1.2-litre i-VTEC engine gives you an extraordinary power on the road.

The compact dimensions do not prevent the car from being extensively firm and composed and it can compete with the large sedans and the manoeuvrability is easily manipulated according to the need.

At 165mm of ground suspension, the car is a great asset for you to own and flaunt on the uneven roads full of potholes during rainy seasons. Even encountering abrupt speed breakers on the road would not disturb the belly of the car.


Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Swift is a decent car that offers a comfortable seating of 5 people with reasonable legroom. The steering is light and easy to manoeuvre. Changing the gears is not hard either because of the latest technology making the car desirable for even the fairer gender. The latest sophisticated technique offers n amazingly authoritative suspension system that is apt for the city roads especially while driving on hostile roads. The 170mm of ground clearance does not disappoint either. The seating provides the sufficient traction even while traversing the difficult terrain or cutting the sharp turns.



Dzire is the best fit for people who need some good sedan at relatively reasonable prices.

Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Its slushbox offers the excessive slushbox that cannot be affected by the consequences of first or second gear driving consistently for hours at a stretch. The overdrive lock would set the roof limit to the speed that keeps you clear of the dangerous effects. It ensures the extra safety while driving in a crowded traffic. You can easily expect 13kpl mileage on the clear highway while even in the city you can reasonably expect 8.5-9 kph.

It offers a comfortable seating for 5 members with enough legroom for each. The high-quality upholstery means that you can sit for an hour or two with almost no uncomfortable feeling to your skin. At 170 mm the ground clearance is not bad for city roads. The sophisticated suspension system is equipped with the latest technique to absorb most of the shocks that a city road can offer you. Steering and gear are easy to manoeuvre


Amaze employs several sophisticated techniques to make your driving a pleasant experience Whether it is about the light steering and easy manoeuvrability, extensive legroom or abundance of power, the car would not leave you unimpressed.

Honda Amaze

Reverse gearing is an easy task with the sophisticated technology it offers and navigating your way through the jam-packed traffic is not that difficult. You would also love the featherweight steering that offers an extended manoeuvrability.

With a tad effort, you can handle almost all kinds of shocks offered by the hostile city roads, where it is a pothole or a speed breaker. The steering is not only light but offers an amazing accuracy too.

The driver seat is well aligned to help him do his job nicely. It also has decent space for co-passengers. Seats provide the accurate cushioning to the back and muscles do not feel that deep-seated pain even after a considerable period of sitting.

At 165mm the ground clearance is also suitable for city roads.

Ford Ecosport

Ford Eco Sport

The diesel powered model offers 22.27km per litre The ABS and 5 airbags offer extra safety for dangerous roads. The functionality is further extended with 5-speed manual and6 speed dual clutch auto.

The EcoBoost engine offers the enviable power to the car while the excellent ABS offers it required safety features.

The steering is easy to manoeuvre and is reasonably good. The 200mm ground clearance is a great thing on the roads of the city.

The sophisticated technology offers it a great suspension that is an ideal shock absorber for most of the shocks the roads can give you.

Renault Duster

Renault Duster

Renault duster provides an ample legroom to 4 persons while 1 or 2 additional persons would also be accommodated without offending their comfort top badly, provided that they are not extraordinarily overweight. The 210mm of ground clearance provides great protecting with its belly even while driving over the protruding surfaces without lowering the speed.

The same things also make it cover the distances between two cities without getting offended on subways and going through rural areas. The front and rear suspension offered by Renault duster offers a great experience of driving and would not interfere with your overall experience even while you encounter bumps, mounds and uneven roads while enjoying a road trip with your friends or going too long drives with your wife.

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