8 Career Decisions that make more sense than MBA

Shivani Sinha | 04-Aug-2016

For years people have been evaluated on the basis of their grades or number of degrees they own.

Fortunately, this thinking has been exterminated for good! People nowadays do not take your value according to your grades or degrees you own. You can find an amazing job even with basic qualifications if you hold within what is required.

8 Career choices that can enhance your career better than spending tons in an MBA program

People who look for higher studies often take up MBA as an option for the simple reason that it would provide them with more attractive jobs.

For the numbers, the cost of an MBA program overseas would cost you around Rs.40-70 lakhs, while MBA in India would cost between 7-25 lakhs. If you would work in an internship program for say Rs.25000 per month, then to it would take 5 years to cover up your MBA fees, not including the living and other miscellaneous expenses! So wouldn’t be rather a good choice to primarily do that internship only?

MBA seems to be a tricky choice here. You might argue that it would earn you better in the future, but what are the odds of it where there are thousands of other candidates also doing the same.

Career choices that can enhance your career better than spending tons in an MBA program 1

These ways here show how you can enhance your career better than spending tonnes in an MBA program:

  1. Start your own business -
    There’s no better feeling than to rule your world. Being your own boss is a big boost for your morale and also gains you experience. It is the best option for midcareer turbo charge. The least wanted thing would be a shutdown of your company, but what it’ll give you is experience and knowledge of what it takes. Giving up after trying isn’t a great offence compared to giving up before trying. Consider if Steve Jobs would have given up on himself after getting dropped out of college, there would be one less thing that would come in your mind after listening Apple!
  2. Join a startup - 
    A startup company is a company which is growing up from its seed and joining it gives you all of the experience in all the sectors which company works in. Since the company is growing, every employee of it has a contribution to its growth. Entrepreneurs have a very unique and innovative approach to their lives. Their risk taking abilities, confidence and mentality are the things you could learn a lot from. Besides knowledge you also get to know the key aspects of team management.
  3. Home-tutor yourself - 
    In this digital world, you get all the information you want in just one click! If you have the curiosity to learn, then why should it be according to the university? Become your own tutor! Get knowledge of the fields you like. Learn strategy, marketing and industry-specific lectures which you would require for securing your future.
  4. Make a plan and execute it - 
    Make a solid plan going ahead in life. A plan not like the one in the fast and furious ones but a real target based plan. Keep possible job or business options and try to execute it with keeping a backup for each. Study and research the market entirely.
  5. Write a book - 
    You may not think yourself as a writer, but who knows? Every person lives a different life and has its own story. A published book is a better mean of identification than a visiting card. You could send your book to clients and it would open more doors than MBA would open for you.
  6. Freelancing - 
    Freelancing is the best option to do for a start in a career. You work with the basic skills you possess. You are your own boss, decide your own time and do what is right according to you. You could do it side by side your college which will give you more disposable income.You could do anything like coding, designing, accounting, writing etc.
  7. Pursue a certification course - 
    There are various certification courses offered in India and abroad. MA and MS can give you better insights on the subject of your choice. You could pursue MA in organisational leadership or an MA in entrepreneurship. These programs are more meaningful of what you’ll deal with the real world.
  8. Volunteer for NGO - 
    If you feel to be activist and really ever cared about joining an NGO, just do it! It is the time to make a difference!

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer”,  says Nolan Bushnell, an entrepreneur.


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