Chartered Accountants!! Enhance your visibility by Registering at Fagnum

Mohit Prakash | 06-Apr-2016

‘I need MBAs to run my business, but CAs to teach them how to run the business!!!’
-Ratan Tata

These words of Ratan Tata, clearly, describes the important position Chartered Accountants (CAs) occupy in our business and normal life. However, the irony of the situation is that, though they are the most sought after professionals today, no one platform provides them clients and other management tools to efficiently manage their day to day work. We, at Fagnum, have thus come up with this platform which makes it absolutely easy for CAs to get clients and service them using modern technical tools.

With a large collection of individuals, institutions and organizations on board, Fagnum provides an optimum opportunity for CAs to break free of this cycle. From getting prospective clients to managing them efficiently with the help of state of the art technology, Fagnum is a one stop shop for all these needs.

Some advantages of using Fagnum for CAs are as follows:

1. No need to waste your time and money on lead-based platforms -
Gone are the days for you to register, and pay money, on platforms like Yellowpages, Sulekha, Just Dial etc, and then wait for prospective leads. With Fagnum, which is dedicated only to professionals like CAs and Lawyers, we have a client base, specifically in need of your services and thus you will be saving you time, and money searching for clients on other platforms.

2. Connect with a large number of genuine clients (Both Organizations and individuals) -
Bridging the gap between talent and requirement, Fagnum completes the whole cycle by getting clients and service providers (CAs) register onto the platform. With this, you can see in real time the clients in need of CA and thus choose the one you wish to service.

3. Manage your clients efficiently -
Fagnum, with its state of the art technology, helps you in organizing your work efficiently. From scheduling your appointments to managing your clients, we provide a single platform for all of these.

4. Managing documents and paperwork online -
Our platform provides the safest and easiest way to handle all your important documents like audit report, income tax filings etc. and secures them for the future. This way your document will always be secure and can be accessed easily from any location.

5. One dashboard for all your work -
Fagnum provides you with your own easy to use dashboard, where you can showcase and keep up with all the case history and advancements in a few simple clicks.

6. Technology for online filing of all legal documents -
Fagnum will soon integrate all the online filing facilities of the central and state government with your online dashboard so that you can easily file all the legal documents easily from one place without going to those individual sites.

7. Other facilities for managing your clients -
We have a lot of other small features like client history section so that you get to know a client properly before committing to the job. Also, we have an inbuilt messaging facility integrated with the platform which allows you to communicate with the client securely.

Thus, you can see that we, at Fagnum, have built one comprehensive platform to help you get clients and manage all your work easily. We have used technology to provide you one stop shop for all your needs. Together with a large number of clients on board, Fagnum is a platform that you would not wish to miss.

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