Hire a Lawyer while filing an FIR

Shivani Sinha | 08-Jun-2016

Generally people in India are apprehensive about hiring lawyers. Most of the times when people get into any kind of trouble leading to a legal term there is usually this belief that legal help is expensive.  But it is important to give a fair bit of thought about hiring a lawyer before you file an FIR. The reasons for this statement are diverse. You can always represent yourself especially if the case is a minor one or maybe you cannot afford a lawyer. But if your case is complicated it is better you hire a lawyer while you file an FIR. The FIR puts the legal process on the go but it is always important to have your hands on the lawyer because it makes it easier for you. It’s a known fact that the justice always comes late, therefore, it is highly recommended for you to have a lawyer represent you well so that the case is strong and you are not failed by the complexities of the legal system.

Why Hire a Lawyer:

There are generally two reasons why you should hire a lawyer before filing an FIR. Whenever you file an FIR, first there is an investigation and then there are the people who try to be the mediators and try to convince both the sides to withdraw the case and reach a settlement amicably. But how can you know if you are being a given fair deal to reach a reasonable settlement? This is where the role of the lawyer comes into play. Your advocate can assess the situation better than you can and the advocate’s assessment will be more reliable for it will be based on the legal knowledge of the advocate and also his experience becomes an additional advantage for you. And also the counter party will take the lawyer more seriously and this gives weight to your case. Secondly, you may not necessarily include all the details of the case in the FIR. Certain important details may be hidden from your eye the moment you file an FIR. These could be the details that can have a considerable effect on your case at the proceedings of the court. You must, therefore, litigate all your claims and it is always better to have your charge be drafted by your lawyer. This could help you include all the relevant information regarding your case.

 Therefore, this goes into saying that whenever you are faced with any trouble related to legal or police matters it is always mandatory to find legal assistance before you file an FIR. Filing an FIR is no doubt very crucial but if you have the legal help ready at your hand then filing an FIR is even better and easier. It puts an end to your worries and makes sure that your case is fairly dealt with. Without the assistance of a lawyer, you may end up negating the possibilities of the justice being delivered to you. Therefore, it is always smart to have a lawyer hired.

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