How to expand your business portfolio

Shivani Sinha | 29-Apr-2016

Take a look out at some of the successful entrepreneurs out there – Be it Elon Musk  to Biz Stone to Kevin Rose, all have been the ones who have never just invested in one sole businesses. A diverse investment business plan is any day great because if any of the flowers wither off, there are other plants to blossom, in the market of investment. Multiple investment is the way to diversify your investment returns. Even Apple and Google have been expanding new product categories, and developing on their product line businesses to grow in business horizontally as well as vertically. While expanding in your business ventures you might come across innumerable hurdles, which you need to cross with equal zeal and enthusiasm to cater to your business needs. So, if you are a growing entrepreneur, restless for new things, projects and endeavors to come up your way, here are some steps for you to follow :

1. STUDY THE MARKET: A clear study of the market is very important. One needs to have a clear analysis and idea of the market scenario. Is your business venture supporting the market needs, is there chances of running into losses. Warren Buffet very clearly stated -
“Never depend on a single income. Make investments to create a second source.” 
Assess the market and industry gaps that your business can fill and returns will automatically follow up. Even Google expands its product line be it smart car or its search engine.

2. MAP OUT A NEW BUSINESS STRATEGY : Mapping out a new business strategy is again a big task to do before taking a leap in business. Doing intensive Market research is the new tool to analyze the market trends and what are the needs of the changing market. So accordingly you can launch your product line according to the business needs of the market.

3. SEEK OUT FOR SECOND OPTIONS : Consult business managers, top industry leaders, competitor market analysis and seek out for other options, hire the right people and set off the team for the right business guide to get best returns out of your investment.

4. MEET THE CUSTOMERS EVOLVING NEEDS : It’s very important your intensive market research is effective to meet your customer’s evolving business needs. Don’t just rest your laurel, look out for ways to expand your business .This indeed is a great way to get inspiration for the launch of a new product.

5. ANALYZE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ON SIMILAR PRODUCTS : Analyzing customer feedbacks on similar products, what they are exactly looking out in their product and analyzing this feedback to drive out better business results can help you meet your customer segment and develop a better word of mouth customer feedback for your product.

6. ATTRACT BEST OF PEOPLE : When your business is growing, people want to work with you. They want to join hands with such growing organizations and in a way attracts the best of people to work with you because talented folk want to work with growing organizations only. They don’t want to be with a laid back company anyway.

7. LIMIT OUT YOUR PACE AT WORK : If you want to touch the sky, have patience, make a business ride with a pace check on your expansion plans. Expansions must be done only after managing and analyzing your balance sheets under the advisory services of risk analysts with intensive market research with an understanding of whether new business changes will be accepted by the market.

Fagnum believes that actively and proactively following out these business plans, analyzing the stake behind it all and catering to your key business and market requirements is the best way to expand your product line both horizontally and vertically. And you cannot do it without a great Chartered Accountant and a lawyer which you can very easily hire from the Comprehensive Platform at Fagnum.


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