How to find a good chartered accountant for your company ?

Shivani Sinha | 03-Feb-2016

Being a common man, you might think that Chartered Accountants are only needed by the rich people- the Businessmen, the Sportsperson and the Actors. This is because you associate Chartered Accountants with money, lots of it, and to some extent, it is true. Chartered Accountants are hired for financial assistance, but it's not just the billionaires who need them, you do too!

How to find a chartered accountant for your company

Chartered Accountants are trained and experienced in dealing with issues like tax returns, business accounts and making important financial decisions. Whatever your financial needs and however tough a decision might seem, Chartered Accountants help you in all situations. You can either hire one for a particular financial affair, or you may need one on a regular basis to help you keep your business on track

Matters related to money are fairly delicate and reasonably important and therefore, it is highly recommended that you choose wisely. If you are looking for a Chartered accountant, make sure you keep the following points in mind

  1. Ask yourself whether the location of the Chartered Accountant matters. Most businessmen prefer their Chartered Accountant to be located nearby, but with most of the business being done online, most companies prefer cloud-based technology to manage their affairs. So, if a location is not that big of an issue and you are comfortable with an online platform, then you can consider visiting sites like to help you find the best suited Chartered Accountant.
  2. Your budget also becomes an important factor. Always keep in mind the amount you will have to pay for the CA's services.
  3. Find out if he/she would be able to reduce your business taxes or has appropriate experience in the field you want to hire him/her for.
  4. Last but not the least, and this might not seem that crucial, but do check if he/she has a degree and is certified.

Once you have a clear picture in mind about what your Chartered Accountant should be like, you need to find one. You might consider your close friends and associates to be a reliable source to find an effective CA but what if they have no firm knowledge about it either? As mentioned earlier, you can look for the desired CA online on a website called '', a place where you will find certified Chartered Accountants in complete readiness to help you. is a free online platform where Chartered Accountants Worldwide register to find themselves a client and expand their range. Fagnum has the detailed information of all these registered Chartered Accountants which is made accessible to you. If you already have a slight idea about the person you are looking for, you can search for that particular professional.

If you have found yourself a perfect CA, then go ahead and book an appointment. It is free. As soon as the CA is available, you can meet him, online or personally, depending upon your locations. The team at Fagnum works to give you a hassle-free experience to find the best suited Chartered Accountant for your organisation. They are their to serve you, make the most of it.



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