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Shivani Sinha | 06-Jun-2016

Just drop a mail and you can actually get funded by Ratan Tata. Here are some live examples like Nidhi Agarwal being a part of one of the fastest growing start-up ecosystem got her funding by the tycoon himself. Ever since his first investment in March 2014 in a windmill start-up in Altaeros Energies, being founded by graduates from MIT, USA. Rajiv Srivastava, the founder of Urban Ladder has even stated that being funded by the TATA’s can actually not only give you immense fame but help your startup to stand amongst the fleet of start-ups. It differentiates you in a great way. Expert mentoring is what is needed by the growing start-up these days helping them enable best business decisions and solve complex business problems beyond the world of disruptive growing technology. Venture capital investor –clearly states that Tata’s willingness to back entrepreneurs Prashanth says he is willing to fill in the gaps in the industry.

So before you seek help from the Tata’s you need to deal with Venkataraman, he will be asking you about what are the major risks and opportunities with your start-up and you need to answer them vigilantly. Start-ups have 30 minutes to pitch for their venture. Taking larger examples, Paytm is also backed by China’s AliBaba. Ratan Tata offers great mentoring for growing start-ups as said by a growing mobile commerce company. Ratan Tata, the chairman Emeritus, Tata Sons has invested in growing start-ups like Tracxn –a market research platform. He aims at helping in funding start-ups and leverages data analytics and sector focused analyst team global capital funds to track up the start-up market and come out with some inevitable companies.

Trcxn has raised funds from Flipkart founders and also from the SAIF partners. They have been growing at an immense pace and have listed 25 million companies on their platform up till date. They are having 6432 paid users across the globe. They have till today worked for 300 customers in 20 countries and have shown immense happiness that their business plan was so much liked by Mr. Tata. While the internet today has supported venture capitalists, angel investors in way venture capitalists later do conduct their check-ups for supporting funding start-ups and small growing firms. During the union budget, an amount of 100,000crore has been kept for start-up support and funding by the government. Jan 16th Start-up movement has also been launched by the government of India. This backup from Ratan Tata will indeed be a great support for growing start-ups provided you have a good business model and satisfy his interview check questions well enough.

Here are some top key points you should keep in mind while approaching for funding from Ratan Tata:

  1. Create value for others: If your business model creates value for your country or city and adds value to the gross national product enhancing the per capita growth, it’s indeed a great way for you to go and you can approach for funding by the TATA’s.
  2. If you can delight your customers: The premier institution invests in companies which can deliver value to their customers by offering a product which adds value.
  3. If you can multiply the investor’s money: If you have a great value proposition that the investor sees opportunities for growth of his investment and funds he will definitely invest in your business and shares.
  4. The Tata’s have invested in Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal, companies have b Raised $7 million from Japanese telecom and internet giant Softbank in a new funding round in December 2014een funded and aided by the Tartars great investment deals in start-ups.
  5. Tata’s have invested 5 crores buying 256 shares from Snapdeal with investors including Kenneth Glass.

Ratan Tata has invested in 8 companies in the last 18 months. A tagline of the TATA’S in itself enhances your brand value. Cab owner OLA witnessed an immense increase in share value after the TATAS investment to 806 each share value just after the investment. This great eCommerce boom that India is witnessing is only after the USA and China. Even Bluestone’s valuations rose from 34.86 per cent to 50.29 per cent, just after the TATAS investment venture. It greatly enhances the brand value of firms to be associated with the TATAS. In August 2015 Ratan Tata invested in Your Story and became a part of the Kalaari group. He is also the investor in the Kalaari group, IDG group, and in 2015 Khan Academy entered into the partnership with Tata trusts. At Lets Venture Tata are both advisor and investor. This way he has turned out to be a great supporting and a tuning element in the future of start-ups.

In the first 3 weeks of 2016, the great group has announced around 4 investments. It was Nidhi Agarwal, founder of Karyaah was rejected by 13 investors, but funded by the TATAS. The brand deals in providing ladies formal wear in 18 different sizes opposed to 6 by other brands. It’s also very encouraging for founders and leaders to get funded by great leaders and entrepreneurs when you get rejected by 13 investors. It motivates them to never give up and keep striving towards excellence. Infinite analytics, crayon data, tracks in the field of analytics have been funded by the Tatars. In the field of energy, Xiaomi mobiles, Alterio and Ampere in electronics have been funded by the TATA’S. Your story and dog spot in pet care have also been funded by the great group.

This way this era of commerce and start-up boom is growing at this inexplicable pace that great investors also cannot keep themselves but invest and try out this venture. This great platform for new bussing entrepreneurs is in a very encouraging way and in a way will budge a great growing India with a high rate of GDP and per capita income growth annually and it’s not far when the start-up India program launched in January 2016 will be an ultimate success. Register with Fagnum and get experienced Chartered Accountants who can help your venture come out with flying colors.



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