A Beautiful Story

Junaid Khan | 13-Sep-2016

She was just lost in her own world and always found herself alone among the huge crowded place. She had nothing apart from her tears in her life. She had to face many things to survive; because nothing was left with her while she lost two beautiful souls.

She always missed her brother and the mother, who parted from her as the ocean parts of the desert. The crisis came into their life when she was just a child. Since then she carried her burden of pain under the eye circle which was the perfect demonstration for her sleepless nights. She had passed so many nights beneath the blanket with emptiness. She used to ask the same question always while praying to god, ”What sin have I done? What had I done wrong? That in return I got a hard unbearable life.”

A Beautiful Story

She had been thinking about the only dream she had. She said to herself, “I will have to achieve my goal. When I will get into Medical college and I will be capable as a successful MBBS doctor, I will go to find my brother and the one who has donated her soul to me - yes the beautiful woman who gave me birth after bearing the pain - lot of pain - my mother”.

But she was not aware of the bitter truth. Getting a college was tougher than finding her brother and mother. Every day she counted on fingers; every night she observed darkness, gazing at the stars - it became her habit.

She had only one friend that every night used to sparkle when she gazed at; the star which made her realise the reason behind being alone and it was not the curse on her. She lost her hope as well as herself. She became an unsound word. She knew that she was meant to be born and live without getting happiness. The gust of wind made her feel the message from her mother and brother, but it was the only nature to which she would have to become alchemy.

One day, she was in the room. While she sat on the chair, her phone rang and it was an unknown number. she thought nothing. She received the call and said, “Hello”

She found weeping sound over the call and got nervous.

“Hello, who are you please tell me and stop crying.”

Came the reply with sobbing sound, “Sister.”

She felt as someone swept the ground off her foot. The paling face had turned into a smile, long journey about ending with lots of pain. He was her brother, actually, he was a brother who knocked the door as strangers do. This was literally the beautiful truth. In a second she got her incomplete life in which she was stuck badly. It was the omens for further dreams “The Medical College” And her “mother”. Finally, she got shoulders to place her head on.

This was the first time, the smile came on her lips. This was the first time when she got the company to sob together.

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