A Letter To The Foreigner Who Never Visited My Country

Ahmad Khan | 15-Aug-2016

Dear foreigner,

I've heard you were willing to visit my country but you changed your mind. I know you have seen our wrong picture which is just a matter of time, but, it's not about what you see, it's about how you see it. Moreover, I'm not saying my country doesn't have a dark side; in fact, every coin has two sides. But, it's about knowing what's wrong and what's right. And before you question my bias as I belong to the same land, consider me a mere human which has the same blood as other humans have.

A Letter To The Foreigner Who Never Visited My Country

Even though I won't tell you to change your decision, but before believing in the false image, spare few minutes to read this letter. On what basis do you judge my country? The country depicted by Slum Dog Millionaire? But it's more than the scenes of slums and crimes. It's about the breathtaking scenes of Rang De Basanti where youths stand for truth and justice. It's about the message given in Chak De India where a wrongly accused coach can prove him right against all the odds. It's about the bravery shown by Mangal Pandey. It's about the spirit shown by Saina Nehwal.

Some day come and observes the beauty of Taj, you'll find it more beautiful than the stars. Someday, listen to the sound of waves of Brahmaputra, you'll feel serene. Someday see the sight from the Kutub Minar, you'll see exhilarating beauty loitering around the streets.

As I'm writing this letter — penning down some words for my countrymen may clear your doubt — that I'm not trying to convince you but saying the truth. Oh! People of the nation: do you think the way you show your patriotism is the right way to show your love for the country? You share a couple of Facebook posts and think; you've done your part? Think about those who had given their lives for it. Independence isn't all about boasting on the road with jingoistic approach; it's about showing the modest side of the country with sensible gestures. Independence isn't about abusing the natives of the neighbouring countries. It's accepting them as brothers and sisters.

Do you claim to love the heritage of your country and take the pledge to feel proud of it? Then why do you call Dhoti typical outdated clothes? Why does pizza fascinate you more than Sarson Ka Sag? Why do you feel shy to watch Lagaan and boast watching the Wrong Turn? Why do you praise Leonardo De Caprio and criticise Mithun? Why you go gaga over Mercedes and Mark Tata Nano less? Apart from the flaws of the education system, mathematicians like Srinivasa Ramanujan were born here. Ignited minds like that of A. P. J. Abdul Kalam has taken a yawn. My guest loves his country and accepts it with all heart and soul.

Now that, I've addressed by people to prove my point, let me ask: do you know our cricket team — the master blaster has scored runs which one entire team couldn't. Have you seen Anand defeating Kramnik in chess? Have you observed the game of Sania Mirza? We've won so many gold and silvers. We've got   enthralling singers like Lata Mangeshkar. We've had painters like M. F. Hussain. Art, it dwells on the trees and walls of mosques. Learn with us how to change sand into gold. With enlightened mind, we've done things which later seemed impossible. Do you think we lack unity? Notice the day of the cricket match, terror attack or the injustice done and never listened to. The burning candles and wet eyes will tell you that story of love and brotherhood. The richly diverse culture, so many religions, so many colours, yet we all are one — Indians and you're wholeheartedly welcome to this land.

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