A letter with a heart

Swapnil Gupta | 03-Mar-2017

Dear Wife,

Following the norm, I love you!

The day I first saw you, you were all beautiful and I was all stupid, you laughed at me and I fell for those eyes. The day we married, you were walking down the aisle, all pretty in white and I felt as the luckiest person. The day when we had our first child, you were lying on the bed drenched in sweat holding my hand and we saw our child together for the first time. You made my world, you are my world.

A letter with a heart

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Do you remember what’s today? Happy Anniversary! It has been 52 long years since we pronounced each other as husband and wife, more than 53 years since I proposed you, more than 55 years that I have known you and forever since I loved you.

Today I woke up at 9, you know how much I hate waking up too early morning, did exercise (a little bit), made myself a breakfast, read the newspaper and so on. Everybody is fine here, I guess. As it’s only me, kids must be well too. As a promise, I regularly call our kids. Today, on a call with Jerry I got to know Jerry and Emma are getting divorced. Yes, they are… in real. You remember how we used to think they are so made for each other. This incident reminded me of that day, Jerry’s third birthday. I was all into my work, busy all the time. We both used to have all those small-turned-into-big fights. But that day, it was the biggest, I was shouting, you were crying. We were ready for divorce and suddenly you locked me up in the room. I was so furious that time, how dare you? And then I saw a piece of paper (a Walmart’s bill, instead) you slid through the door saying – I am ready for the divorce but for the sake of love that we both believe we had, let’s just write a letter to each other saying how we fell in love, the good times and how our days will be without each other. I was not going to but I knew you were adamant and you want what you want. I started writing the letter, initial lines were difficult but then I just couldn’t stop… I wrote pages and just can’t remember what was all these fights about, I was all in love with you again and these fights seemed so meagre. The time you opened the door I held you so tight, I was all in tears as I couldn’t imagine my life without you. Your eyes were all swollen and the nose turned pink. I couldn’t complete my letter and you ended yours with a heart (<3). Since then we decided (actually you, made me to) to write each other letter to make us realise that whatever happens, are all small against the love we have. And baby, I love you.

I never wrote that part, how my life will be without you, I could never write and now I am living it and trust me it feels more hell than it seems to be. I am all alone but have our love. I still write these letters each day, I know you are never going to read them but this is the way that connects me to you, that keeps me in love. And love is all I am living for. One day, with age I might forget to write these letters but I’ll read these to make myself remember you.

With Love,
Your husband<3

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