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It was four o clock in the morning, and I was in Kolkata, far away from home. 

Eventually, when one stays away from home, just to build his future, it's obvious, he misses his family, his beloved Mother, Father and his Sister. Things become worse if he is the only one elder male child, and the weight of his family grows heavier and bigger day by day.

Life happened to me that time. I was learning about things I could never learn in my home, this includes Pain, Struggle, Savings, Starving, Living in the own rented home and more importantly Cooking. To be Generous I was also working as well as doing my college. But that was not what I wanted to do. Passionately it is every teenager Dream to be rich and famous one day and to achieve his dream, which commonly is to be a rock star or a director or a Poet or anything that includes his passion. Yes, I also had those dreams but I burned it for my family. I wanted to be a person whom my family would look and be happy. That's the reason why I came to Kolkata because I heard of IHM, an institute of hotel management from where I can get a good job. But I missed the train to go to the entrance examination and I was new to Kolkata too. I still remember the day I cried and walked until I passed golf green.

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Those days still saddens me, but, "nothing is permanent, not even your pain." So I moved on doing better, I got a college for a timing and a job too so that I did not want to be a burden for my family anymore.

I worked as an agent in a call centre. Nine in the night till  four in the morning, that was my shift for just ten thousand a month. Really money is the runner and we are the chasers. I had to neglect my sleep, my hunger and my health for money. Gradually I became lean and thin. It reminded me of my mom's food whenever I saw the mirror. I could not get those taste of my mum's delicacies even in hotels.  Slowly I became alone. It always reminds me of my mum's reaction when I said I did not qualify for the hotel management, actually I lied to them, if I would have said that I missed the train, they would have lost the little hope in me, and that is the worse thing, for a son, in the world.

Life was getting worse until my friend found me eating bread and tea hungrily, after my job. I was happy to see him as we were bench mates in school days. I saw the changes in him. He grew muscular wider and more strong. Immediately a thought came to my mind, "how can he be so healthier far away from home?" Then we shared our struggles our old days our memories.

His name was Rajiv and was fully dedicated to body building. So he woke up every morning so that he can pump his muscles with fresh oxygen. Gradually we came across an idea of doing the same job and living in the same room, so life could become easier. And it really did.

We started to live the life and forget the pains we had. Although I had the next year so I could try one more shot. We spent days roaming earning money etc. Slowly we became money minded and forgot about everything. On the other hand, he planned to try an audition in roadies which is a reality show on MTV.

I recall, it was four thirty in the morning, I and Rajiv was returning home after duty. Actually, he was dragging me to the golf green park because it was a place to work out, and he spent hours working out. I did not want to go because I was hungry, but he forced and I couldn't disagree.   

We went through Vikram garh, a place near golf green. I spotted a fruit stall, with fresh bananas, I quickly went to the stall and asked the fruit keeper for bananas, " kuri takar kola daw." I asked and lend him twenty rupees. It was his first earning of the day he smiled and it made me happy. I decided to eat while my friend worked out.  

It was half an hour and my friend was still working out. I was busy watching morning birds and crows staring at my bananas.

Once I remember, me and my friends at my village, hunted down a crow and had a party of his meat. Slowly we became to sport it until my father slapped me. I still smile remembering those days and think I was so silly those time.

So, I still had two bananas left, I decided to have it afterwards. Gradually the number of workout freaks increased, my friend had the best body among them and he naturally won respect among them, this made him show his work out to them. A group came later, I remember one man, tall and dark with beards covering his cheeks, he was sweating must been jogging all this time. He looked at me and smiled, it was a dominating smile, I can also see his two front yellow teeth. Than he started working out.

I was not from Kolkata, and some of my features exposed this fact. And some people did not like it. This was common among youngsters. I heard tales about their bullying to the outsiders.

While others worked out, I was peeling of a banana and was eating it. Suddenly that man, who Stared at me all the time laughed and told to one of his friends, " aai daekh suwarer bachaa sokale sokale thikay kola kaischay, khabi tui?" And all laughed. I understood what he said, " hey look that pig's son having banana early in the morning, wanna have?".

A feeling came To me I could turn back and give a harsh reply, but a wiser feeling knocked me down, It was to remain still and not To say anything. I had my bananas and while having the last one, he came to me and asked if I am from Nepal.   I did not answer. I am not from Nepal actually I am a Nepali from doors which make us Indian and we are called the Gurkhas. I left the park left my friend and went.

How can he call me a pig's son insulting my parents? Calling my home a pigsty. I am not a pig, I was a pig but no more, I burned myself in regret I could have said something to him right In his face. But it was foolish it could create a Fight. I remained silent and let that pig grunt in his pigsty, while I had those delicious bananas in front of them.

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