A Real Life Hero that India Needs!

Shivani Sinha | 11-Aug-2016

Nana Patekar is one of those few brilliant actors that Bollywood has gifted the world. His stellar performances have earned him the National Award, the Padma Shri, the Filmfare Award and his (unadvertised) philanthropy has been inspirational (to say the least). Contrary to the antagonistic characters that he is known for playing on-screen, he has made numerous generous contributions to social causes and charitable work. A man who has risen to the pinnacles of success in Indian Cinema, but still remains unassuming of all airs that one normally associates with stardom, Nana Patekar continues to be the real hero.

A Real Life Hero that India Needs
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Read on to find out more about the many facets of this multi-talented actor!

1. He still leads a simple and humble lifestyle:
While contemporary and not-so-contemporary actors splurge on lavish sprawling mansions, Nana Patekar lives in a 1BHK flat with his mother. It is a commendable feat to give up on luxury and put it to a good cause.

2. He has struggled a lot before Bollywood:
Coming from a financially restrained background, Nana has done many odd jobs to earn his livelihood. From painting zebra crossing on the roads to painting movie posters for a meagre monthly salary of just 35 rupees, Nana strived hard to earn his accomplishments.

3. His level of commitment is awe-inspiring:
We all remember Nana Patekar in the film Prahhar:The Final Attack, as the iconic Pratap Chauhan but not many people know that he underwent three years training in the Indian Army so that he could effortlessly slip into the role of an army officer. He has also been awarded the honorary Captain’s rank!

4. He has donated a sum of 15000 rupees each to 62 families of the farmers who committed suicide in the drought-affected areas of Maharashtra:
In Latur in Marathwada, Nana Patekar gave cheques of Rs 15000 to almost 100 windows in a small hall which had been illuminated by mobile phone torches because of power cuts. Also, it was reported that this hadn’t been a single isolated event, Patekar had been coming there for every weekend for the past month. Another notable fact is that this happened when Patekar’s movie ‘Welcome Back’ had just released and instead of basking in the glory of his released movie, Patekar committed himself to humanitarian work.

5. He has also donated sewing machines to the widows:
Maharashtra is struggling with the worst drought in almost four decades, which has resulted in an alarming 5,650 farmer suicides in India in 2014, according to official data. The most common reason cited was their inability to pay debts.

Giving sewing machines to these debt-ridden families is a way for these people to earn their livelihood.

It is refreshing to see an actor who not only sympathises with tragedy-struck families but actually does something about it. Nana Patekar has visited more than 100 such families in Marathwada and he also wants to reach to more families in the adjoining areas of Nagpur, Latur, Hingoli, Parbani, Nanded, Aurangabad, etc.

6. He has his own NGO called Naam Foundation:
Patekar along with fellow Maharashtrian actor MakarandAnaspure founded the Naam Foundation in September 2015 which aims to provide relief to the drought affected families in Maharashtra and adjoining areas. Patekar has always been very vocal about this issue and in an NDTV interview, he has said the following:

“And I think it is our failure, our government's failure that we haven't been able to harvest or store the rainwater properly. It's not a matter of one or two years. We've been failing our farmers since the last sixty-eight years".

His foundation has collected almost 22 crores for the welfare of farmers.

7. Nana Patekar is also responsible for adopting few villages and turning them into model villages. He has donated more than 90% of his salary for the last 30 years to charity!

 He is a real life hero, a hero that India doesn’t deserve but a hero that India needs.

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