A short love story

Severine Rodrigues | 07-Feb-2017

Nick, after completing his MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad had come back to his native place Mumbai. A close relative of his was getting married and he was invited to the wedding. At the marriage function, he met a girl, Myra who had just completed 12th STD. She was a friend of a bride; she was so beautiful that all the people admired her. Her beauty and innocence made Nick love and protect her. It was first sighted love, Finally, Nick was introduced to Myra by one of his relatives, she had a friendly nature and beautiful smile which made Nick watch her covertly. He just wanted to know more about her and he promised to himself that one day surely he will tell about his feeling.

A short love story

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Nick’s mother wanted him to get married as he was the only son and his father had passed away years ago. He confessed his feeling of attraction for Myra to his mother. But his mother was upset because she knew the girl very well. She also had a bad reputation in the society; she had no sense of dressing, always hang out with friends and used to come late at home after partying. Nick was deeply in love with Myra so his mother’s words didn’t affect him much and he just told his mother that he would marry Myra, not any other girl. Months went by but Nick didn’t change his decision, Finally, Nick’s mum gave in and decided to approach Myra’s mother with a marriage proposal.

Myra was the only child and her parents loved her, all gave her all that she wanted. Body piercing, Tattoos, and music with high volumes that was all she liked. But she avoided drinking, drugs even though most of her peers had tried all of these. She had a relationship with a guy named Rohan, who was a rich and spoilt guy, he used to experiment drugs and drinking. Myra was in love with Rohan and thought that her love will change him and make a better person. When Myra’s parents told about the marriage proposal she was upset and directly refused to marry Nick, she thought that he was a boring type of personality. She said that she would only marry Rohan. Myra parents didn’t want Rohan to be their son-in-law, they were strict this time and refused to bow to her latest revolt. She tried to tell Rohan about the marriage proposal but he was immersed in his drug and alcohol world and did really not know what was happening with Myra.

Finally, Myra married Nick and told him that she hated him, and never wanted to get married to him, and she also had a boyfriend. Hearing this Nick was hurt and he didn’t force her to love him. He spent a sleepless night wondering what would happen to their marriage now!!! At around 9 am when Myra was still sleeping he entered with a cup of tea. He woke her up gently, and while she was sipping tea, he told her that “We can still be friends, and I will give you divorce which you want, and also help you marry Rohan”. After hearing this Myra felt little friendlier towards Nick.

Nick threw himself to his work and came home very late in the night when everyone was sleeping and he used to leave early in the morning after having tea prepared by his mother. Nick’s mother used to always complain about Myra her behaviour and again hanging out with friends. But Nick always used to tell his mother to let her do whatever she wants too. His mother felt offended and irritated with what she thought was weakness displayed by Nick. She vented her anger on Myra. After few months Nick got an opportunity to work in Switzerland as program manager. He was very happy and told his boss he would travel as soon as his visa was ready. That Same night he knocked on his wife’s bedroom. Myra asked him to enter. She was removing her make-up. He asked, “Myra you will be okay if I go to Switzerland for two years?” Myra didn’t bother that Nick was leaving for Switzerland. After spending a restless night she packed her bag and with Nick, she left for her mother’s place. Myra hesitatingly asked, “won't you come in”? Nick felt like crying and simply shook his head. Myra turned to him Hurriedly, gave a peck on his cheek and said, “Thanks for all your support and I am sorry that I could not be a good wife to you.”Then she got out of the car and hurried inside. Nick was sad to leave Myra but he just told to himself ‘If you love someone let them go. If they return, they were always yours. If they don’t, they never were.’


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