A Wish To See!

Amrit Versha | 06-Feb-2017

It is a story of a little girl. But wait, it’s not ordinary at all. It’s a poignant one. Darcy Grace was born as a disabled child. She was seven. She couldn’t see. In rather harsh words, let’s say she was blind. Yes, she didn’t know how the world she lived in looked like. She was a cute child with a rabbit-like smile. But, unfortunately, she didn’t know how “cuteness” was like. She had sea green eyes resembling a profound ocean, which could fascinate anyone looking into them. However, these beautiful eyes made her life so unpleasant.

A Wish To See!

Just imagine the things that can bring joy to a kid’s life. They can be dolls, balls, fairy movies, action heroes, comic books, flowers, favourite stickers, delicious dishes and the list goes on. Now think what if you can’t see them! Your world will be no less than hell.

Darcy could touch the roses and feel their delicacy. She could smell them as well and they were her favourite. Her mother told her that they were red, but Darcy always raised an innocent question,”What is red?”

Darcy’s taste buds demanded tarts and jelly beans as they tempted her the most. Her cook always decorated the tarts well and told her that they looked so alluring. To which Darcy asked,” Do they really?”

One day, Darcy’s friend Leena visited her house with her family for a dinner, and Leena was asked to perform a few steps of Ballet dance, which she was learning. Leena performed gracefully and everyone’s eyes glued to her, but Darcy kept clapping with a smile.

Darcy was very fond of folklores, and she always listened to them attentively from her mother. But she could never read them in books with her own eyes and this hurts her deeply.  

All she wanted was a vision and her desire was obvious. Any person who can’t see would be definitely inquisitive to feel the amazements and horridness of visibility. The foremost urge would be only to see your own appearance, your face, your body and so was Darcy’s wish.

One winter evening, Darcy excitedly asked her mother to take her out for dinner. Her mother was overjoyed to see her daughter so perky. She took her to the best baker’s of the town and they sat at the corner seat near the blower. Darcy preferred to go for a honey pistachio tart and her mother took a cappuccino. Darcy was happily tasting the honey, caramel and of course that jelly until the moment she felt like a very sticky hand had gripped her own hands and all she could focus on was a voice coming clearly into her ears and saying,” Hello dear Darcy! Don’t be afraid and please listen to us carefully. We know how you feel. You are being treated differently, even by those who love you. You are being pitied upon and we know how much it hurts! But believe us, we are right here to transform your life. It may hurt you in the beginning but you will be happy at last. You will be able to see one day. Yes, you will. We will meet you soon. Hey, I’m sorry! Enjoy your jelly. Yes, that jelly little Darcy. Goodbye.” Darcy was petrified with what just happened with her a moment ago. But all of a sudden, she burst into smiles and tears. The idea of being able to see one day made her react in that way. Her mother’s eyes were on Darcy and she had stopped taking the sips of her cappuccino. She wondered what happened to her daughter.

“ Baby, are you okay?” She asked Darcy gently.

“Uhh… Yeah! Nothing. Just a memory mother.” Darcy replied confidently. Darcy was an introvert and she never wanted to become a laughing stock in front of others. So, she preferred to keep her experience as a secret. But the voice she heard at the baker’s couldn’t let her sleep. She desperately wanted to see now. Yes, she wanted to see her face.

Next day when she woke up, she didn’t open her eyes and called her mother. She asked her mother to take her to the mirror because she had a hope that something magical would happen. Then she opened her eyes but it was still all dark. She began to move her fingers all through the surface of the mirror and again, it was something sticky. She asked her mother of some sticky thing being in the mirror and her mother told her that the mirror was so clean. This experience was weird for Darcy and even her mother was observing her anxieties but then she assumed them as a child’s fantasy.

At night, she entered Darcy’s bedroom where Darcy was silently listening to her favourite track,

“This is jelly jam.

This is jelly jamm..”

She gave Darcy a plate full of boiled egg, peas and butter. Then she left the room to fetch a glass of milk for Darcy. Darcy was going to take her first morsel but shockingly, there were only jelly beans on her plate. She called her mother and her mother too found jelly beans there. Mrs Grace pondered for a while and then she concluded that Darcy, after being fed up of her life’s humdrum, wanted some excitement and so she was playing some kind of prank. She must have replaced the food by jelly beans that she always kept with her. This made Mrs Grace both angry and upset. She cursed the God for choosing her child for such miseries and slammed the door too hard.

On the other hand, Darcy thanked God for giving her life, prayed for a better future and slept. Now there came a turning point in Darcy’s life. When she woke up in the morning, it was all new and different. DARCY COULD SEE! But the places and people were different. Darcy thought that she was somewhere else and she started crying her eyes out. Then she heard a soft voice: “Little Darcy, please calm down and welcome to Jellia! This is a land of people with jelly bodies. I am Nata De Coco. Let me introduce you to few other people. She is Wild Cherry Chew. You need to be careful of her. Haha, she is very naughty. He is Cupid Corn, a clever one. He can make anybody fall in love. See, he is Ferrara Cinnamon Bear. You will enjoy his fragrance and company. Now let’s come to...”

As he was introducing everyone, Darcy’s gorgeous eyes filled with tears. She implored to let her go back to her home. She loved her family and didn’t want to live in this new world. Nata told her that everyone understood her pain but she had a choice between her old life and this gifted vision. Darcy remained silent. Nata said, “It will take some time but you will feel like home with us too.” Then they left her alone for an hour to take a decision. Finally, Darcy agreed to live her new life, for she knew the importance of the gift of vision. Nata took Darcy with him and asked her to get ready for a change. Nata began chanting the spell:

“Dear Darcy Grace, turn into jelly.

You belong to us…

You have to belly.

No need to fuss..”

Darcy’s eyes were wide-open and she saw her body turning into a red sticky material. She was surprised to see that magic really existed.

Nata said, “You’re now Fini Red Berry!” Darcy smiled and she liked her new name. Days kept passing and Darcy started living a happy life in Jellia.

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