An ordinary woman's extra ordinary journey

Payal Das | 24-Dec-2016

India is a land of 33 crore Gods and Goddesses. We worship Goddess Durga as the divine power Adi Shakti but when it comes to respecting women we Indians stand in almost the last position. Women are always kept behind the “Parda” and never allowed to go out and meet the world. This concept is still prevailing in India in this twentieth century. Isn’t it strange that still, we hear things like female foeticide, domestic violence, sati system, dowry or rape? Whenever we switch on the T.V or pick up any newspaper we find these wrong practices still going on in our society, not only in rural but in urban areas also these things are practised till date. So are we moving backwards or forward we need to decide and it’s a high time? In this era where we can clearly see girls doing good and achieving name and fame and making India proud so still, we need to suppress these adorable girls. Instead, we should celebrate them and cherish them. This year in Olympics and para Olympics, India’s spirit was lifted by these girls only who we felt ashamed of, girls like Sakshi, Sindhu, Dipa and Aditi made all of us felt proud. Our heads were high with pride.

An ordinary woman?s extra ordinary journey

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One such story of an Indian woman is here, who despite her gender took the plunge and proved that once you are determined you can do anything and accomplish it successfully.

This is a real inspiration for those women who says “Abhi to bacche bade ho gye hai aur poori zindagi kuch nahi kiye to ab hum kya kar sakte hai, ab thode hi kuch hoga humse”. Premlata Agarwal proved to be a perfect inspiration for these women. It’s an inspiring story of a woman who made her way from the kitchen to mountain and ultimately to fame.

She never thought of doing something so daring as she belonged to a very conservative Marwari family and got married at a very tender age. Before she could think of something else she was gifted with two children and then like other regular homemakers she got busy and dedicated her life in upbringing her daughters. She could barely think of her life beyond her family and kids.

An ordinary woman?s extra ordinary journey

Most of the time she is asked the same question “you were just a housewife and you did climb Everest so we can also”. To this, she answers “It’s very good to know that I have inspired you but the preparation behind it is huge, Rome is not built in a day”. Though it’s a compliment but there are loads of hard work and determination behind this.

When her kids grew up one question kept bugging her always “I spent my entire life doing nothing” said Premlata. She was interested in extracurricular activities since her school days than she thought why not to do something related to fitness or taking it to the next level by trying her hand at trekking. For a very first time, she participated in the Dalma hill trek (hill climbing competition) in 2000 and climbed the Dalma hill in Jamshedpur.

At the age of 48, she climbed Everest proving that age is just a number and she is more than fit to do all these adventure sports making her country proud. Not only Mt Everest but all the highest peaks of the seven continents have seen the waving Tricolour flag because of her. With this, she had bagged the honour of being the first Indian woman to conquer seven summits at the age of 50. The government of India conferred her with the 4th highest civilian award ” Padma Shri” for her glorious achievements, just before her expedition to Mc Kinley’s peak.

An ordinary woman?s extra ordinary journey

While talking she shared her experience about the cloud burst in Uttarakhand in the year 2013 and at that time she was on an expedition and visited her parents at Denali, her Guru called up and she along with other people participated in relief work they rescued people and provided basic necessities to the victims. She said that if she wouldn’t have been fit enough she couldn’t  have helped people and she would have rather been a part of victims, so she is thankful to God that because she was fit enough she could have helped others at that time, so it’s very important for each and every human being to stay fit. According to her, at least three months are required to train a body and to undertake any kind of adventure sport especially trekking.

She always looks up to her Guru Ms Bachendri Paul for inspiration. She said, “my family, husband and kids even inspired me and believed me and they had faith in me that surely I can do this tough job which I took up”.

Her willpower, mettle and above all, her self-motivation is a lesson for people who think they can’t do anything as they are no more young. She is a role model for people of all ages. In true sense, she proved if there is a will there is a way. She has infused a sense of self-confidence among women especially. 

Now she is appointed as an officer at Tata Steel Adventure Foundation where she provides training to women through yoga and other exercises. She truly believes in woman empowerment and she thinks if a society or a family has a strong woman, it’s an added benefit because the plinth is strong.

An ordinary woman?s extra ordinary journey

With, this we can take an oath that we would surely support a girl in achieving her dream and aspiration and promise to give not only good but the best life which deserves which is full of pride and shine. In years to come let's set an example by making this true for every daughter, mother and wife and coming generation. Let’s not question her when she steps out of the house to fulfil her dream by saying that girls are supposed to stay at home and work for the family. Let’s take a pledge to not to put her down. Instead support her, give her the wings to fly she will sure make you proud.

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