Are you broken? Congratulations!!

Kavita Chavda | 07-Dec-2016

“Why are you behaving like you're sick? You don't look sick” (Yeah, some sicknesses are invisible)

“What's wrong?” (Nothing is right)

“Are you okay?” (I'm fine: the most common lie)

"I miss how full of life you used to be" (Yeah, even I miss myself)

“You were never this way. You've changed!” (Yeah, life happened)

"Is there anything I can do to make you fine?" (Literally nothing)

"This used to be your favourite. Why don't you like it anymore?" (I don't even like myself nowadays)

These and some more related questions come up our way as the life introduces us to the season of being broken. Life is full of ups and downs but some downs end up leaving you broken. You may or may not get fine sooner or later but cannot deny the fact that there will be times that will break you inside out. However hard you may try, however carefully you watch over your life, the things that are meant to happen WILL happen. There's no escape.

Now when you know you cannot overlook this phase of your life then why not embrace this fact? Consider the state of being broken as a deep, large sea.

Are you broken? Congratulations!!

You must never stop sailing and decide to stay here in this deep sea. You must get over this state of being broken by reaching the shore, making your way out of it. The factors that determine how well you will sail through includes your inner strength, mindset, perspective about life, strong will, time needed to heal, the severity of the situation and a lot more. Only you're your saviour. Nobody will sail it for you. Sooner or later you'll be out of this state by reaching the shore but the objective of the reason this sea showed up in your way must be achieved while you sail. The art is to not let the negativity win over by staying in there but struggling through the waves and tides making your way to the shore.

And the objective is to look around the beauty of sea while you sail. Nothing in life shows up randomly in our way. Each person, each season, each phase is either a blessing or a lesson. It always has something to teach us and some purpose to serve in our life. And the ones who go with the flow identifying the purpose and the lessons will eventually become a better person.

We often complain about why the same painful thing keep happening to us? Why some hardships never leave our way? Why life throws up situations that are always hard to handle? Well, the reason lies in understanding that each season serves its purpose. The same thing will keep showing up in your way till you don't learn and practice in life the lesson it has to teach you. Remember that nothing grows while being stagnant in life. It needs some hurdles, hustles and punches to grow and shape it up. When you're uncomfortable in life, remember you're growing.

So instead of complaining why the hardships struck your way, try finding out the purpose it has to serve. Focus your energy at the right path in life. Life may break you but brings in numerous reasons to shape you up into a better human being. Notice the fruits of this sea. The beauty of broken souls include:

1. In-stilled depth:
Yes. Being broken instils depth of life in a person. An individual becomes more aware of the facts and happenings of life and hence develop practicality in life. You no longer waste your time to complain about things the way they are but start understanding the purpose they serve.

2. Empathy:
As you've faced the bitter phases of life, you'll grow more understanding of others' suffering. You'll start empathising with their situations and be able to feel the way they feel that will result in stronger connections in your life shaping you into a kind person.

3. Self-development:
When you suffer, you start realising your actions that put you in the situation you are today which will eventually refrain you from repeating them in future. You start realising the voids and faults in you and strive to overcome them so as to prevent bitter phases in life. All these practices eventually help you grow and become a better person.

4. A better understanding of Psychology:
You no more wonder or complain about human behaviour and reactions to any situation. You understand why people behave the way they do. You start respecting the originality of people even when they differ from your idea of human behaviour. You are more focused on bettering yourself and being less judgmental of others.

5. Love will flourish your way:
Who would not love a person who has been through worst yet smiles, is compassionate, kind, understanding? The people will love and respect the original you. You lover, parents, friends and surrounding people will adore you for the person you've become. While considering exceptions in life, a beautiful soul may walk alone sometimes or face hardships yet but never forget the almighty is watching over you. The struggles you've lived and the way you carried yourself to shore may or may not be valued by people but God is always watching over this special class of people and they're extremely close to his heart.

6. Solitude and silence:
The immature and young souls fear solitude. While the broken ones adore it. You now know how comforting it is being on your own, talking to yourself and connecting with your inner-self on a deeper level. You find silence meaningful and comforting. You are able to communicate, with the ones you connect with, without words.

Don't just sail, notice the beauty around. So now you know what beauty you instil in yourself as you sail through this sea.

Japanese culture has an amazing art for broken pieces. They call it Kintsugi or kintsukuroi which is a Japanese method of repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. The philosophy behind the technique is to recognise the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. The process usually results in something more beautiful than the original.

Are you broken? Congratulations!!

Similarly, God's way of transforming you into a more beautiful soul than original is by breaking you to make yourself stronger and shine brighter than ever before. So if you have ever been broken in life, don't consider yourself broken instead, call yourself an art of Kintsugi.

Are you broken? Congratulations!!

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