Are you Waiting for your Prince?

Urvashi Deshpande | 10-Sep-2016

Hey, I’m a teenager and I’m full of confusion and complexed feelings. Everyone my age is falling in love these days and it’s definitely “love at first sight.” How can you fall for someone just at a glance? It is possibly just the attraction but not love for sure.

So, if you have a boyfriend people will judge you instantly, according to them you are despo and even characterless. On the other hand, if you don’t have one, you’re proud, selfish, arrogant, and tomboyish, in all you have a bad attitude.

Are you waiting for your prince

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No matter what you’ll be judged so do what you like and not what your peer wants you to or anyone else. I don’t know what is it to be in love with someone special but I know one thing for sure. It’d be amazing if you don’t have to show it off or rush the relationship. Your bf/gf is not an accessory to wear. It’s the feeling that matters; it is always supporting and sacrificing but never demanding.

So I’m sure every girl feels she’s a princess and tries to relate with her favourite princesses. I really feel I’m the combination of Merida, Anna and Rapunzel. I like my hair like Merida’s flowing everywhere and free. Sometimes I’m too lazy to even comb them, but that represents freedom. I’m crazy like Anna and Rapunzel. I want to live my dream like Blondie wants to see the ‘floating lights’ so badly, because “I’ve got a dream.” I want to treasure every relation like Anna coz “an act of true love can melt a frozen heart”.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the famous princess and you’ll see what they really wanted:

Cinderella asked for a day off and a pair of new shoes.
Merida just wanted her mother to listen and understand her.
Rapunzel just wanted to see the floating lights.
Belle wanted to save her father and read a lot.
Anna wanted to be with loads of people and establish her old broken relationship with her sister Elsa.
Jasmine wanted to see the world completely different than her own.
Mulan wanted to serve her country.

The list is endless. I hope you noticed no one wanted a prince; they just wanted to live their dream and had the courage to stand up for their dreams.

Merida had the courage to stand up against all and play for her own hand and stood against her own mother. Finally after the entire struggle her mom understood and she found a prince.

Rapunzel went against her mother to see the floating lights with a thief Flynn Rider, faced scary people and grew from experiences and they fell in love and her love changed Eugene.

Belle struggled to save her father from beast and accepted to be in beast’s captivity. She struggled to change the beast and in the end, the curse was lifted and beast changed into a prince.
Anna lost her precious relation with her sister. Her sister shut her out for her own good but still she had the courage to save Elsa when Hans tried to kill her even though Anna was dying. She had the patience after all those years to wait for her and ended up having three loves in her life Olaf, Elsa and Kristoff.

Did you saw? These girls were brave enough to stand for themselves and achieved what they wanted. Love, in their life, was a gift of their efforts towards their goals. So, stop waiting for the perfect someone and start working for your perfect dream. Start craving your path towards your dreams. You never know who you’ll meet.

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