Banana Lover

Amrit Versha | 08-Nov-2016

Rickie Hardy, a teenager, lived in Quezon city. A city of Philippines. This city is a big producer of a very healthy, delicious and commonly eaten fruit banana. Banana has many benefits. It has vitamins, carbs and protein. It is used worldwide in many dishes. But it is a well-known fact that excess of anything is dangerous and so was in Rickie’s case.

Rickie was mad after the banana. He just loved them so damn much. He ate them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, supper and dinner. Like an alcoholic, he was a banana addict. Everybody knew about his craziness for bananas and it was visible because he was a fat boy. He was pot-bellied and he had a double chin. But there was something else also for which he was really crazy. It was a girl, Daisy, his classmate. She was his first crush. He dreamt of her all days and nights. He always wished to be friends with her.

Banana Lover

A few months later, his school closed for vacations and Rickie was all alone at his home eating banana chips and reading an encyclopaedia. He read about Chinese gardens. He came to know that gardens at Suzhou in china have different types and sizes of plants giving contrasts, such as straight banana trees (yang) with swaying willow trees (yin). Suzhou Gardens are laid out on the opposite principles of yin and yang. This very thought of visiting a garden that had used his favourite fruit’s trees for the purpose of creativity and beauty fantasised him and he just wanted to go there anyhow in his vacations. He decided to talk to his dad about it.

“Hey dad, how was the day?” He asked him with an easily-noticeable-artificial smile.

“It was fine.” Mr Hardy smirked at him as he knew his son very well.

There was a small pause between them after that. Mr Hardy decided to get back to the conversation and he went so straight to Rickie.

“Tell me, son, what do you want?”

Rickie’s eyes sparkled with joy and he told him about his wish to visit the Suzhou Gardens. Mr Hardy remained silent.

“Wait here. I’ll be back in a jiffy!” He asked Rickie to stay at his place. Ricky was totally anxious because Mr Hardy was always very unpredictable. Actually, he was afraid. He feared of getting scolded. Mr Hardy came back to him.

“I have booked two tickets for this weekend for China. Now, it’s too late. You better go to the bed.” He patted Rickie’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Dad. Love you.” Rickie was overwhelmed and hugged his dad tightly.

“Good night son.” Mr Hardy whispered.

Rickie went to his bed and now he was thinking of Daisy. He so earnestly wanted her in his life and how extremely possessive he felt when she talked to any other boy, especially Troy, a very handsome and popular guy. He wanted to hear her voice at that moment and it was 2 a.m. He felt an urgency. He knew her phone number and so he just dialled.

“Uhh. Hello? Who’s this so late” It was Daisy with an annoying voice?

“Umm..You know me but you still don’t know me.” Rickie replied mysteriously and thought that she sounded so lovely even when she was angry.

“Hey..shut up and sleep.” Daisy hung up. Rickie was content because he got to hear her at least and he directly went to the kitchen and took out six bananas to celebrate this. Then he slept. When he woke up in the morning, he was smiling. He had seen a beautiful dream. He saw that he would see Daisy in Suzhou Gardens and he would hear her voice. That dream was vague but still he prayed to God that it might come true.

Days had an elephant’s pace and Rickie just kept waiting for Saturday to come. Finally, it was Saturday morning. Rickie was smiling all through his journey unreasonably and eating banana after banana as if he would never get them. He was actually gourmandising and dreaming of   meeting Daisy in the garden, which was so clumsy of him. Then they reached China and checked into a hotel. After freshening up, they departed for the city of Suzhou. The Classical Gardens of Suzhou is a group of nine gardens. Rickie desired to visit “Humble Administrator’s Garden” because it has “Listening to the Sound of Rain Hall” which is famous for the sound of rain drops falling on banana trees. So they hired a taxi for that garden. Rickie looked outside the window. All the vehicles were hurrying up for their destinations. Rickie was missing bananas and of course Daisy. He had finished all he had. He was just busy thinking about Daisy and the garden’s entrance was right in front of him.

While standing in the garden and rotating his eyes, Rickie was submerged in wonder. He had never felt himself so close to nature. Those well-crafted rocks and shimmering lakes had made an impression on his heart. Mr Hardy asked him to go and enjoy the place while he would wait for him at the exit door.

Rickie was sitting on a bench and then he heard a laughter. It was the one like Daisy’s. But there was also a male voice. His heart was pounding. He went to see what was happening at the back of the tree and it was the rudest shock for him. He saw Daisy and Troy holding hands and Daisy repeating the words, “I Love You Troy”. He couldn’t bear this and he just punched Troy hard on his face.

“What the hell are you doing Rickie?” Daisy exclaimed.

“Listen, Is anything wrong? We can talk Rickie.” Troy added.

“You jerk. Do you think we can talk? I’ll not leave you. Got it?” Rickie shouted by punching Troy again. Troy just couldn’t figure out what made Rickie do all that. Daisy calmed him down.

Rickie was acutely incensed and he was planning up something. Then an idea clicked up his mind. He took out a peel of banana from his bag and placed it near a lake. Then he very softly approached Troy and asked him to come with him alone. He told him that he wanted to apologise. Troy, being a very decent and innocent person, agreed. Rickie was definitely up to something evil. He took Troy intentionally near that lake and made him stand on that banana peel somehow. Troy slipped and fell into the lake. He cried for help but Rickie kept smiling. Nobody was there to help Troy. Unluckily, Daisy couldn’t hear him and Troy lost his life.

Rickie was relieved by getting rid of Troy. He was stepping towards the exit door. There was no sign of regression on his face. He was feeling quite relaxed. Then suddenly he felt like his body was bending and he couldn’t walk straight at all. He was on four legs. He saw grey-brown hairs on his body and then he could feel a tail too. He tried to speak but he couldn’t. A little girl passed by him and yelled,”Oh God! A monkey here mom.”

Mr Hardy kept waiting for his son but he never came back.                                                                                                                    

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