Battle of Lonely Mind !

Mitushree Soni | 14-Sep-2016

Sometimes you are all broken up,
Sometimes you lose all the hopes,
Sometimes you cry harder,

Battle of Only Mind

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Sometimes you just want to go somewhere..where nobody knows your name.
Sometimes you just need a break,
Sometimes you are lost in your own world,
Sometimes you feel sad,disappointed, frustrated  and heartbroken,
Sometimes you feel awful for so many reasons and at the same time for no reason at all. 
Sometimes So many things have happened to you.
There are plenty of things wrong  with you but you have no idea what's going on inside your head.
It's like bleeding but not knowing where the wound is !
That thousand emotion attacks your heart and mind.
But does this mean you are weak?
No,You are human.You have emotions.You are put here to feel.So just feel on.
And shoutout to those fighting a battle that no one understands or knows about !

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