Be Egocentric

Deergha | 21-Jan-2017

Don't get me wrong by the title. Many of you might find it to be an aberration. Well! Keep up your alacrity. All of us are aware that time has changed. The stories from our great grandparents and grandparents are more than enough as a proof. Although this change is gradual but it appears to be quite snappy. Not only time almost everything has changed over past few years people to have changed a lot. 

Ask yourself a question - how many such people are a part of your life whom you trust heedlessly? excluding your parents obviously. Parents for sure are the best to lean upon. But you know what! We feel apprehensive to open ourselves to them. Well! I won't resist if some of you claim to be open rather averse to your parents. You are indeed lucky dude if you claim so. But what about a major percentage who feel detached from parents and feel that parents won't understand what they are going through. The first thought which sticks into the mind is obviously of opening up with someone else. Now that's pretty jeopardising. I mean trusting anyone and everyone in this so-called 'KALYUG' you are really brave to do so. Okay! But then what to do? The solution is EGOCENTRIC! Instil a change in yourself, not like the traitors did, but the positive one because life demands change with the change in time. It might be cohesive but it is not absurd. Surely things are gonna be creepy at times but you should always try and keep up the spirit. 

Be Egocentric

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No offence to those who are still alive for the sake of mankind but I just feel that humans have now turned inferior to animals. Even if a street dog is embraced and loved it remains loyal for rest of the life. But humans! It's better to stay mum. Isn't it beautifully quoted "There's A Great Difference Between Human Being And Being Human." It's satirical how people take care of their material items and a soul to them is like a tissue just a 'Use And Throw.' But! It's impossible to clap with a single hand. For all those who have been cheated, not only the traitors are at fault, the one who has been cheated is also guilty. Bitter! Isn't it? But it's true coz you expected a lion not to eat you just because you don't eat lions. Foolish! Weren't you? 

People nowadays know the price of everything but don't know the value of anything. Deliberately or Abruptly they are despot and people like you and me are fatuous to be eloquent to such double-faced people. We need to be sassy to survive. I mean be amiable, admire others, communicate, share, explore but in a limit. Be careful before drooling over anyone. Don't let them play with your life, it is not a game. Life has so much to explore hence, live your fullest because you have got only one to live. Be a bit careless in a way that it ensures and adds more joy to your life. 

— Did someone dump you? 
Buck up! Let it be. Not everyone can handle your candour behaviour. 
Why not plan a date with nature? 
"Just Think It Over" 
Don't be too good to everyone. I mean you don't need to appease everyone. If you are not comfortable, decry! I apprehend that you all are enough astute by now to judge who actually is the one you can call 'All Yours' So beware and don't be deferential to all. Don't think you'll hurt then if you say no, the one who is yours will understand your discomfort and won't force, the rest are the ones who don't care about you, and only want their demands and wishes to be fulfilled. Keep check and know who are the ones waiting for perfect contingency to stab you. 

—Broken! Are you? 
Come on you can't be coz you are made of mud. Right? Don't worry about the hurt and pain you confront almost daily we bear a strong system which has many gimmicks to recover. 

—No one to embrace you? 
Go! Embrace your pillow. It ensured that you sleep with Amity even if you kicked it off out of wrath an hour ago.

In the present arena glutted with degrade audience, stop feeling doleful if someone leaves. Instead always remember that there's only one thing to be sad upon but a thousand reasons to smile choose any one out of the thousand or all the thousand that's up to you but choosing the one which brings sadness shows how foolish you are. Not to worry you are not the only one! Right? 

Life Is A Movie And "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" 
Feel elated to be with yourself. Do not rush to please anyone. Please, yourself! 
Never try to fabricate anything your truthfulness ensures that you'll never have to face infamy.
It's dippy to try to quench insatiable thirst of people who have almost turned into beasts. Moreover, they won't ever extol your efforts. 
No one is impeccable. You too may be guilty of something or other, the one who still stays by you, ensure that you realise what's your fault and help you overcome your guilt, undoubtedly owe yourself to such rare species.
People like this will surely understand you are possessive of them, your smile will mean the world to them. Yes, they'll be angry with you at times but you know what the best part is.... They won't ever leave! Believe if you have lost hope these are rare ones but they do exist. 
If ever you are stabbed be callous! Move on, never give up on life. 
Choose your people with endurance. 
Track the path you follow. Try and arcane what treasure life hides for you. 
Dauntlessly play your part. Miracles occur! 
But, Until then love yourself and remember "BE EGOCENTRIC" before being possessive for others be it for yourself.

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