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The whispers in the midnight grew loud.

“It’s done.What next?”

“Will she like this?”

“Shh, be quiet! Don’t be a spoiler”, a voice tried to slam.

The phone beeped with the message tone and a message popped up on WhatsApp.

“What shall be our next move?” read the message.

He chuckled at his tech savvy sister and his fingers raced to type, “I told you to be patient for a while, she will wake up.”

Instantly came the reply, ”But I’m not uttering any word.”

He couldn’t stop himself from smiling at this young brain and beckoned her to be calm for the next five minutes. The little one crouched down waiting for the signal to jump into action.

The minute hand hugged the hour hand and so did he wave his hand to light the candle. The little fellow carefully tucked the candle and sneaked into the adjacent room and he followed her closely. At the next signal, both shouted in the best of their melodious voices, “Happy birthday Granny...”.


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Paul and Jessica woke up the old granny and scared the hell out of her in the dark.

“Oh Jesus! What is this? What are you doing here in the middle of the night?”, she reprimanded the kids in her fear-stricken voice.

The kids broke into laughter and hugged her,”Oh Granny! It’s your birthday today. Let’s celebrate.”

The old lady put stress on her brain and then smiled back, ”Thank you, dearies!”

Paul switched on the light and asked Granny to look into the screen. The little Jessica was capturing every moment on her new camera.

“Hey, Mom! Happy Birthday! “, a face wished her from the screen.

“Sam!”, Granny confirmed if her weak eyes have recognised her son.

“Yes Mother, I’m sorry I couldn’t come. I got caught up in some critical case. I promise I will try in a few days soon.”

Granny faked a smile and nodded. She had been hearing the same excuse from over two years. She is now habituated to see Sam on phone and laptop. 

Maria woke up to the cacophony and tried to acknowledge what was going on in the house at such odd hours. She moved in the direction of the noise. As soon as she saw children with cake, she quickly came forward and hugged Granny wishing her. Maria asked Jessica, “Are my hair alright?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Okay then quickly take our picture.”


Granny didn’t seem interested in all this photoshoot at the middle of the night.

“Granny smile, please. Paul, you also come in the frame”, Jessica asked Paul.

“Why not to put it on auto-capture mode? We all will be in one frame”, suggested Paul.

“Take the laptop with you. I will also come in frame”,  Sam suggested Paul when he was about to leave the laptop on the table.

A nice family picture was captured with the father behind the screen from across the seas and the old lady smiling with her family.

“Now, let’s cut the cake. It’s looking delicious”, little Jessica said while pushing aside Paul.

“Ok Jess”, said Granny taking the knife in her hand.

“Wait for Granny, first let’s take the picture of this cake also. See how beautiful it is”, exclaimed Paul waving at Jessica to click.

“Are all your facebook clicks done? Can I cut the cake now?” quizzed Granny seeming a little irritated at the digital generation.

Everyone laughed at the poor Granny.

“Ok kids, let’s cut the cake and let her sleep”, Maria commanded.

Granny cut the cake. Jessica smeared some of the cake onto her face and this time Paul clicked.

After the cake cutting ceremony was over, everyone went back to their room and Granny found solace in her remaining sleep.

Back in the room, Maria updates her Whatsapp display picture with the recent snap of her with Granny showing how much she loves her and changed the status to, ”Happy Birthday to the best mother-in –law. Love you!”

Paul and Jessica quickly logged into their facebook accounts and uploaded the snaps of their Granny’s birthday celebration. They all looked so cheerful.

Soon comments started pouring onto the post.

Happy Birthday, Granny! May she live long!

How lucky is she to have such a loving family.

Wow! Nice family!

Young Granny looks so beautiful.

And the comments kept pouring in.

The sun rose to mark a new day. Maria checked her WhatsApp and her friends were complimenting her for being so kind to the old lady. Jessica logged into her facebook account and was enthralled to find 209 likes and 57 comments. She went to Paul and showed him the post.

“Granny made you trending today”, he quipped.

“Mother, we are getting late. Where is the breakfast?” inquired Paul.

“Sorry Honey! I woke up late today. I have ordered sandwiches. They are on way”, Maria tried to defend herself.

Meanwhile, Granny made an appearance in the living room. Everybody was busy tapping into the screens. Nobody seemed to acknowledge her.

She didn’t mind and wished everyone ‘Good Morning’.

Two uttered an ‘hmm’ and one said ‘Morning’.

Seeing the dining table empty, she asked Maria, “Where is the breakfast?”

“I have ordered sandwiches.”

Granny calmly tiptoed into the kitchen, made herself a cup of tea and cheered herself,”Happy Birthday Old Lady.”

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