Blooming Optimism !!

The only Disability a person can have is Negative Attitude. 
Positiveness Conquers All Disability !!!

The market is buzzing. It's dressed up in the Diwali avatar. Shoppers are busy buying gifts for their loved ones. I'm in one of the well-known markets of Delhi, Khan Market. Trying some jazzy sunglasses at one of the oldest optical shop. Someone catches my eye. A bright young boy hopping.

I stand there and keep watching him. He seems like a very happy soul and sells something which is very basic but essential for us in winters.

Any guesses?!! Okay, let me tell you. he sells Socks. So what is unusual about a boy selling socks. For people who see him with usual sight, will say he is differently abled. He has only one leg.

But Physical Disability is not a constraint for him. He is more able than any normal person.

Meet Rohit a Cricket enthusiast. He sells socks in the plush Khan Market. At 14 years of age, he is the most positive souI I have ever met. Nothing can deter his spirit.

Blooming Optimism - Rohit Socks Seller, Khan Market, Delhi

He sells socks to support his family. Loves cricket and his favourite cricketer is Rohit Sharma.

Rohit even collected money to watch the cricket match at Firoz Shah Kotla stadium. He is so content with the money he makes by selling socks. Has no trace of any despair or dejection. Rohit has a good word to say about all the shopkeepers of the market.

Talking to him I realised Happiness is in Contentment. Talking about our problems is the easiest thing done. But talking about our Joys is so Precious.

Rohit at this young age taught me a very important lesson this Diwali. I'm now more inspired and determined to spend each coming day with a Happy and Positive outlook and learn to Share my Joys with others.

He stirred my soul with his Blooming Optimism.

Don't Forget to Meet him if you are in Khan Market, Delhi. I'm sure he will win your hearts too and you won't return without buying a pair of socks !!

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