Boom at the Burger Street - Jaipur

Navni Tandon | 22-Mar-2017

Boom at the Burger Street

Life is not just about making money and surviving on it. When people start thinking beyond what is visible to them, from that very moment, they start living fully. However, achievements are never accomplished alone. It required lots of patience, devotions and above all, support of the family and friends. When friends become business partners, it is the most encouraging point in one’s life. The more you get help from your friends, the more interesting the journey becomes.

The journey of “The Burger Street” is based on the lines mentioned above. Here I am talking about a famous eatery established in Jaipur and now has a franchise in Ajmer, which is called “The Burger Street.” In my hometown Ajmer, The Street Burger is located near Swami Complex, Sardar Patel Marg. The owners have got three branches in Jaipur, that is in –Raja Park, Mansarovar, Vidhyadhar Nagar. Also, they have a café and lounge named “No Way Out” at Raja Park in Jaipur.

This is a journey of four people who tried their luck and began thinking out of the box. Their life took turns as they ventured into the food business. The story of their business journey starts with Mr Neeraj, who was inspired by an idea from Delhi. He had a friend in Delhi who was successfully running an eatery which was named “Burger Point.”

Neeraj brought this idea from Delhi to Jaipur and launched his first eatery “ The Burger Street” in Raja Park. It was four years ago that he started the business. Then after a year, he opened another branch at Mansarovar, and then in Vidhyadhar Nagar. Later three other friends – Keshav, Shishir and Ravi also joined the business.

It was last year in September 2016, when the Burger Street was launched in Ajmer. From then onwards, The Burger Street is winning the hearts of people of Ajmer through its good preparations. Savour the taste of the variety of burgers, from the simplest burgers to the newly invented flavoured burgers. I had the delight of Aloo Tikki Burger and Veg Spicy Lava Burger. Both the burgers were tasty. While Aloo Tikki Burger gave the taste of classic Tikki, the Veg spicy lava burger had the filing of spicy sauce inside the Tikki. My favourite burger at The Burger Street is “Veg and Crisp Burger.” It has the yummy taste of Aloo Tikki and crispiness, which reminds me of the awesome Delhi chat.

The more you explore the Burger Street, the more the flavours will pour into your mouth. One of the finest tastes is that of Paneer Tikki Burger. For the Paneer lovers, the modified form of Panner Tikki burger comes in the shape of Paneer Spicy Lava Burger.

In addition to the varieties of burgers, the owners decided to add more items on the menu, and they did a great job by experimenting with several new flavours of the newly added dishes. For example, they have the “Smoked Tandoori wrap”, which is a novelty. Amongst the variety of drinks available at The Burger Street, they have yet again a new experiment with the chocolate shake. It is the “Kitkat shake” that has taken the place of the regular chocolate shake. People must visit this place if they are in Jaipur or Ajmer.

Boom at the Burger Street

However, no business grows without challenges. Challenges work as the springboard for every business person, and the owners of The Burger Street also faced such difficult challenges. In Ajmer, they had the biggest problem of labour management. People, who were hired to work, would leave work in between. Also, the owners faced the challenge of managing the already working labour. Moreover, they were unaware about the city Ajmer. Awareness about the choice of the people of the city plays a significant role in setting up the food business. Another problem arose for the owners of The Burger Street, and that was the transportation of material to Ajmer.

For providing excellent service, they would require a friendly environment, where employees would work with consistency and transportation of material would also be regular and proper. However, the good customer flow at The Burger Street has never been problematic. Even at this juncture when they face such challenges, their eatery has been running well.  It can be imagined what wonders they will do if they can overcome the obstacles.

So, after writing about the journey of the Burger Street, I wish good luck to The Burger Street owners and for the people who work behind the scenes day and night to contribute to its success.

Boom at the Burger Street

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