Brand'e'preneur @ Ceres Trading Company

Sheevum Goel | 26-Mar-2017

“The internet has always been, and always will be, a magic box.” - A very apt quote by Marc Andreessen that stands true in this generation. The Internet has taken the corporate world by storm and hence many Internet Entrepreneurs or E-preneurs are born out of it.

Brand'e'prenuer @ Ceres Trading Company

Due to this, Social Media Marketing had its biggest boom and tore its way through the corporate world.  It offers immense opportunities for both ATL and BTL level of marketing. Almost every organisation is investing a significant chunk of their marketing budget for internet marketing.

Even after all the planning and strategy making, results are not always that fruitful in Internet Marketing. One of the primary reasons behind such letdown is an inappropriate presentation. Most of the times, the image that the company wants to portray and the reflection of the idea in the audience’s mind tend to be very different from each other. And hence to resolve this hurdle, many organisations are outsourcing this task into more experience hands that primarily focus on the advertising and marketing prospect of the company.

We call them Brand'e'preneurs. Entrepreneurs who define Brands. We not only help you in devising a more suitable and budget-friendly operation sketch, but we also recommend brand new ideas that are fresh in accordance to the existing market scenario.

At Ceres Trading Company, we help organisations to improve their promotional stance and provide our hands on experience in core advertising. There are many organisations that struggle to reach their target audience due to the inadequate know-how of internet marketing. We will reach out for ‘YOU’. We provide specialised services for every category of marketing and promotional prerequisites and will give you the right advice at the right time. We will provide you with every detail and will update you with all future advancements that you need to focus on for optimal use of your budget and time. We provide tailored consultation services for every organisation since we believe that every business is different and has different needs.

So take the burden of your back and let us help you to build your dream just the way you dreamt it.

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