Broken Melancholies

Rahul Mehta | 17-Nov-2016

(1) - She -
She made me smile.
She made me cry.
She was a dream come true.
Made me say, "I love you!"
Gave me a reason to kill.
Showed me emotions to feel.
Taught me to read faces.
Passed with me, different life phases.
For her, I could write pages.
Books? Well, Maybe. 
She had been worth waiting,
But this ain't no movie.
I ain't no hero and her, no heroine.
Who would come back in the climax!
Bringing tears of joy and a big fat smile.
But I don't care now, at least I tried. 

Broken Melancholies

(2) - No hard feelings -
I've got a pen to write.
A mind to think.
Two eyes to read.
He too is the same but he's great and they call me a freak?

I've got many reasons to die.
But much more to stay alive.
But the society is so partial with which I have to deal.
For them, he's a hero and me? They call me a 'Dumb Lil' shit'.

I could have been great.
But y'all just see the negatives in me.
I was brought up badly, I know.
Y'all think of me as a bad guy.
Just FYI, you haven't been any good to me.
We were almost the same, but he's a hero as his father's got some name and fame!

More than once I tried to be nice.
Gave a hell lot of nice surprises.
But just for the two good things he did, you filled his ears with praise.

The hell was wrong with me I thought.
"It ain't you who is wrong, it's just that this society likes to see the jewels like you rot." came from the inside.

(3) - Just a friendly advice -
Hey, I know that you know the quests to live.
Nothing's about getting, all to give.
Don't count on others, when you got yourself to believe.
Sadness, don't let it get over you.
Because there ain't no reason to.
She might've promised a forever, 
You had to know, Oh brother!
It wouldn't last more than a year.
You ain't new to this world of sorrows.
Yes, you'll feel the pain for the lifetime.
Don't make it your weakness,
Just use it to gain strength.
She taught you many lessons so far. 
Just keep them in mind now and not her.
I don't know how to end this for you.
But move on brother even if it makes you cry for more than an hour.
As, few hours of crying at once,
Would be better than a single teardrop falling,
Every night when you remember her. 

Broken Melancholies

(4) - Elders! -
It's amazing how elders force the young ones to do things in their way. I mean yeah, they might have tonnes of experience in many things. But forcing the kids? Like wow. I see a bunch of old guys just planning to create disturbance in young minds, they literally create kind of a fear in them. They want them to grow  (I am not even sure now) I know, but how could they forget that mistakes are necessary to learn, they gonna fall before mastering to climb. How could they just expect just good when bad things give experience. How could they just mess up with the young minds when they got nothing else to do? How could they, huh?

(5) - Priorities - 
They both kept on shouting for her and searching for her everywhere. A trip in the woods with much happiness, the excitement that was possibly uncontrollable and fun indeed. Perhaps they reacted more than they should even if it was their first trip since years. They reached the empty camp at night, brought up their tents and went to rest. A middle-aged divorced lady with both of her children alone in the middle of the woods. When the kids woke up, everything happened differently of what they had planned. They had to planned to climb the trees, jump around, run without anyone to stop and scream as loudly as they could. But when your luck does not take your side, things are sure to happen differently. They did climb the trees but just to see if their mother is anywhere nearby, they did run here and there but no fun was intended, they did scream loudly as they could but the teardrops weren't meant to be there on their faces. Slowly and gradually as they ran here and there finding her, they reached near a house, an old house. Fear crept inside them, as they thought of entering the house. As they went near the door, they found that it was open already. As they entered inside, they found out some old photos of their mom getting married. They went upstairs and entered a room. Tears fell again after looking at the sight. She was there in front of them, hanging on the fan, just above the place, she got married to their dad. She chose dying there because that's the place where she started dying inside.

(6) - Friend - 
A friend is the one supports you at your worst and the best times both, doesn't he/she? He's not the one that once was a stranger and you help him as an act of humanity. Because that person I believe would end up at your place every time he's in trouble, but would not look up at you when you're going through a rough time. Someone great once said, "Making friends should be done at a slow pace and changing them even slower." Yeah, I pretty much agree with this statement more than anything related to friendships. The ones you call your best friends might be lost in thoughts of killing you. Sometimes you may get the best friends anyone can wish for, but you just fail to recognise them. I've got some hell of friends we all want to kill each other for some reason or the other. But we never talk behind anyone's back. We discuss that which kind of death should be awarded to whom. Yeah, that sounds freaking crazy. But that's how real friends are meant to be. My friend once told me, "If anyone beats you up call me, I would give that guy a good lesson. But remember me I'd beat you even more for not giving that bully immediate response and being unable to protect yourself." This is the reason I am still friends with him because he is true! We should be strong enough to protect ourselves. You took that as a threat, didn't you? I didn't because I learnt a lesson from that. Friends are good/bad as you let them be. If you call him a friend than it is your responsibility to take him from bad to good ANYHOW!
Improving a friend will improve you too. And at the end, he's your friend.

Broken Melancholies

(7) - Alone Again - 
My hopes never went down, then why did you? Leaving me alone in this shitty world, making me cry. You must be having fun looking at me all worn out! Like you always have.
You said you were different, didn't you? But you lied and left me alone like everyone else did. Why did you save me by giving up your life? Just to let me live in this loneliness? You had a family that adored you, helped you and stood by you, your whole life. You left them and took away the only person I had, that was YOU! I have no one now. But you know what? I love you! I'll sit beside your grave till my last breath and will meet you in heaven or hell; wherever you are I wouldn't care. I just don't want to be alone again.

Broken Melancholies

(8) - Killed -
'Best friends' that is what they called each other! But when the name of fame came up only one had it. This fame was not only among the friends but everywhere. Yeah, one was an heir to the most famous billionaire's business company in the city, where the another one was an orphan brought up by one of the orphanages established by the billionaire. One needed friendship and one wanted it. These two friends became so close that their example was given to the kids! But a day came when the clouds of jealousy came with a huge force, yeah the billionaire decided to hand over 70%  of his company to his son and 30% to his friend. His son was fine but his friend wanted more. Three days later everyone was for sobbing for the billionaire's son at his funeral.

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