Celebrity, Gifted Vision and The Divine Will

Kavita Chavda | 06-Nov-2016


“Did you do the dishes?” focusing on the word ‘you’ she asked. A little later after not getting any response she asked again “Raman, are you listening?”

Lowering the volume of T.V. he answered: “What?”


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“I asked if you did the dishes?” she asked once more entering the hall.

“Oh yes. The maid didn’t show up today. So I did the dishes. And I didn’t ask rest of the spare workers for that.”

“But why? And if you didn’t let them do at least I was going to come early today I told you already. I would have done that.”

He stood up and took her hand and started to dance.

“Raman I’m telling you something!” She said as he twisted her around while dancing.

Meanwhile, a romantic track was telecast on T.V.

“Shhhh. Listen to the song. It’s your favourite. And how does it matter who did the dishes or any pending work? It’s our house. Whoever has the time will do the work. It’s not solely your responsibility to do the chores. If I work to earn you do that too. Is there any difference in that? Then where does any difference lie in doing chores?” He said yet dancing her to the song’s beat.

“Raman, I know but I feel bad about this. You already do a lot for our relationship. Many people ask me at work that if Raman is fine with your profession. Romancing other men, dancing with them, getting intimate for the script’s demand sake, working in foreign locations leaving you here alone at home, coming late at home sometimes and what not. My works demand all this. And you know that I always dreamt of being an actress but today when I am already one of the biggest actress of the country, I’ve started hating all this. I don’t know what comments would you be getting from other people on your wife’s profession. We can’t even go out like ordinary couples. I have to face media everywhere and… “

He smooched her lips before she could finish. They had the moment for a while and she was now in tears.

“Riya, look at me, ” he said holding her face wrapping his palms around, he continued “Remember when we first met? I still see that little girl in uniform sitting on the 3rd bench turning around a dozen times a day to see me and I am the same old guy sitting at the 5th bench watching you the whole day. All the moments throughout these years and each of the memories are yet intact! They are so deep, so intense that your profession or romancing other men for the sake of screen or other people’s opinion does not matter. I understand your profession and don’t forget it’s your passion, you always wanted to be here you can’t hate this. What matters is I have this beautiful girl in my arms and I want to keep her forever. Our love is too deep for any matter to break us apart. And it’s not just me working on our relationship. It’s you too. You never failed to show you love me since your struggling years to now making it big in the industry. You never changed despite the fame and success and respect me and my mediocre office work too. We may have issues sometimes but I believe our love can pass all this and keep growing more. I am lucky to have someone who loves me so much and keeps me happy. Whatever may come we’ll stay this way.”

The movie trailer of her latest movie showed up on T.V. in meanwhile.

He jumped “Ah! Look your trailer! You look stunning.” kissing her forehead he murmured “My celebrity!”

“I am just a celebrity for screens and industry. But you are the real celebrity for one soul’s entire life who will be cherished forever! I love you.” She said as he kissed him back on cheek escaping in her heaven,his arms.

Gifted Vision

The wind blew at horse’s pace. The trees and the surroundings were getting treated with the flow of this storm. The bell at the old clock tower rang as both the hands met at 12.

The Gifted Vision

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I searched around the street for a cab or any other means of transportation. The street I was in and the few following streets were all totally asleep. I called at home informing about the windy atmosphere and that I won’t be able to come and would have a night stay somewhere nearby. I carried with me my project prototype rather my dream and sat on a wrenched footpath wondering about how my interview went and if they liked my prototype. Soon it started to rain. I set the prototype beneath the roof of a store crossing the road and started looking for the help from nearby houses.

I envisioned an old man just closing the door but couldn’t. He was struggling. I approached him for help and he agreed. I took my prototype model and went inside the hut-like house. I closed the door. The night was dark as coal. He offered me a plate and it had idlis and chutney that my cellphone’s torch helped to witness. I asked if he stayed alone. He shook his head. I finished my plate in less than 3 minutes as I was hungry since noon. I felt guilty when I discovered it was the only plate he had to eat which he offered me that night. I did not say anything.

After some time, my phone battery was dead and now there was total darkness. To my surprise, the old man was still doing each chore perfectly. I could not see but felt it. He did not speak much but informed me that he had kept my model at a safe place and I did not have to worry, offering me quite a torn blanket to put over as I sleep. I asked him where would you sleep and if he had another blanket. He did not respond.

I slept then thanking God for my hard-work and my dream was saved and wished if I could do anything to help him in life ever.

I never met him after that but years after a while on hospital bed an old body with a new soul carrying young energy arrived with a thank you letter that he placed on the table and left. I wish I was alive to welcome him for that.

The Divine will

“Yes, I do”, whispered the man in a hard voice, with a heart as soft as wax. Everybody’s eyes fixed on the bride after the father completed his lines for the bride. The flood of thoughts across her mind, pain on her face, with heart in despair, a low voice whispered, “Yes, I do”. Her eyes fixed on her mother in the wheelchair beside the pillar smiling brightly, her sparkling eyes filled with tears.

The Divine Will

Tears, the language that expressed the old lady’s joy who lost her speech years ago. Her eyes were the only voice, the way of expressing herself. Angela knew she made her mother happy at the last stage of her life.

Her heart that had the pain of losing something she longed for, struggled for since times, her dream, her own clinic at the place she took birth, the place where she spent her joyous childhood, pink teenage and struggling adolescence. At the age of 31 she had to leave it all behind for her mother’s last wish, that can heal her, to marry David, the only son of Angela’s father’s friend who helped them in their bad times, being the covers of their feet on the rough path.

Angela did it for her mother’s happiness as she was living her last breaths, she wanted to see her happy though it demanded sacrificing her own happiness. She was happy because her mother was, though she had to leave everything behind and shift to a new country, new world, with the memories of the old world.

Next morning, the first official day of her marriage, Angela woke up with red puffy eyes, her soft cheeks still soaked with tears, with the thought of leaving her world and mother behind the very day. She didn’t find David in the house but her eyes found a note on the desk that went as:

Darling, we are settling down at your place, your own world with our mother and your dreams. I just took off for abroad to shift my world into yours. I will be back in four days. I love you”.
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