Childhood Memories

Simrah Khan | 07-Mar-2017

As we all know childhood memories are the best memories. In everyone's life, these memories always have and they don't forget their memories.

Childhood Memories

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Now, I would like to tell you my sweet childhood memories. We had a group of four cousins when I go to my Naani's home. The names of my cousins are Waseem, Azeem, Nazim and Niha. Oh God, "what a days it was". We all had a great fun those days. We all loved to play together, eat together. Every evening we go to a nearby bakery and loved to eat our favourite snacks with our contributions. If one is going somewhere then others also going in same directions.

Many years we had a great fun. But one thing was very common in each of us was that we never had a fight. We never fought. Now I have married four years ago but in my marriage, my best buddies and my best cousins wouldn't come. This we called a word "DESTINY" only Nazim came on my marriage. Waseem was in Bangalore busy with his job, Azeem could not come because of his exams and Niha was not well. See the game of destiny on my most precious day they all were not there.

Although time passed but memories always exist in our hearts. I think I am very lucky that Allah gave me such nice cousins. Before my marriage when I went to my Naani's place last time Azeem took me for a bike ride and it was so cold on that day it was a Christmas. Whatever I ordered they never regret. I always pray to GOD for their better future and for an understanding nice life partners also.

Now I am married and I am a mother also still I memorise those days. At last but not the least I would say one thing that wherever we are but we shouldn't forget our buddies, cousins and relatives.

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