Rahul Dogra | 12-Sep-2016

In this world, we are not alone and there are millions of people around us.  Many of us had amazing days of life till now, we laughed, we had a great friend circle or an amazing partner. Then the dark clouds covered the sky and there was no sunlight. Yes, we have been through this phase.


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Break up, betrayals, people changing with time may be the reason for such a bad day. You wonder if this cloudy day lasts for a day? or a week? or a month or year?  Life is larger than we think friends. The clouds you see today may scare you or make you cry but life doesn’t end in a day, it is like a year full of seasons. It has the hot and bright summer, the dying autumn , the lonely rainy season and the cold winters . But one should never forget that these seasons also have the blossoming spring.

One can always hope for a better tomorrow. I know it hurts to be left alone or to be misunderstood. People hold your hand with promises to forever and then leave you abruptly. I know it feels as if someone asked you to join for mountain tracking with a promise it’s beautiful over the top and then pushed you from the same mountain.  You scream and you cry, expect to get on the mountain again with him but you are too broken and messed to get over the same hill again. This injury isn’t to your body but to your soul. Now it’s raining in your life and there is no sunny morning again.

But I can say, friends, there is always a sunny morning. The clouds you see over your head will vanish away one day, as I said like is full of seasons. It may be raining today but eventually it will be a bright morning. Even if you don’t see the sunny days travel along this road you will see that somewhere else it’s a great spring season. Soon this spring will turn into a bright summer. Life always gets bright, just have the courage to walk along this road. All it takes is a little courage.

One day you will have to shout at the sky “Hey man! I am dancing in this rain now, pour harder,” Then what will happen? Soon it will be a bright morning again and you will see another mountain and another beautiful soul asking you “Hey buddy, want to go for another mountain track? No one will push you over the cliff now”

At that moment, look at the sky and whisper “I knew it will be sunny again,  thank you, God. All it takes is a little  courage.”

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