Cricket Betting: The mouse inside drum enjoying the blame chaos around!

Satya | 11-Dec-2016

The relationship between cricket and betting is certainly like the love rebels finding the entire community as antagonists. However, upon taking a legal hop, it certainly generates a cul-de-sac situation and finds, both (cricket and betting) maintaining a healthy distance is a better solution always. Question pops-up, is this going to pledge about a translucent cricketing arena? Let’s have an analytical dig.

Unfortunate betting:
Betting has alienated the world of cricket into a couple of groups, the lion’s part of which are quite stereotypical; the way it has been cited above. Among the current contenders, only the UK offers a bit leeway. In India, Cricket betting is a blunder. And, the interesting part here is to mention that it (betting) creates the most severe buzz in this section of the world only.

Ask anyone ardent fan of cricket, they all will have the common explanation. Betting means match fixing; all they understand exhibiting the anguish. It is even baffling when you try to deal with the fuss of authenticating betting in Cricket.

Cricket Betting: The mouse inside drum enjoying the blame chaos around!

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The arguments we know about legalising betting:
If betting gets a business designation with certain not so mainstream games like horse riding, what’s wrong with cricket? Well, it might sound astute, but, on a practical note, this is no doubt a stinky convenience. All those envy making success that Cricket is enjoying have the nucleus in India, being damn frank. Once you legalise Cricket betting, the whole gigantic gang of millions of fans will go gung-ho. If the scenario is such daunting already having the taboo, how pesky the affair will be is well imagined upon lifting it. In concurrence, the network of criminals reaching street side teens/youth having no mind, to the big fat business centre, is never under the wrap.

The dirty picture:
However, the complete clarification of preventing Cricket from the shadows of betting rackets turns a nice joke once you take a look at the involvement of the high profile names of an extravagant tournament like Indian Premier League with the scandal. Many well-known cricketers are already under the scanner.

One thing is quite apparent now; the so-called cricket saviours, like those of accused of betting, are enjoying blaming betting. You can’t rubbish about the involvement of some more like them, or at least having every detail. They know it well; more the taboo will be with a bet on cricket, more will they be on the beneficial side. The strategy is quite simple; let the entire action and attention be centred on the common man involved in betting. These high profile names (having stronger hit over the cricket administration, and the administrators) would wish their path of betting remain huddle free the way it has been so far. They also know any sting operation is a matter of time. Under the aegis of power and money, and most the time, they can settle the all out issue. Through the course of Cricket getting lavish, famous and rich, it’s a no secret that these big names want their copyright over the betting, in a lovely secret way.

Making it simpler, they are using the criminal involvement with betting. Once bet on cricket is declared legal, like any other affair is evident to present the clarifications. In short, the government, legal, and administration interference is quite a must, which is something the above groups of dirty bosses would never want to happen. They would never want to compromise with their undisputed king status in the world of Cricket.

When betting gets big:
Cricket boards representing a nation, or the tournaments powered by them are entirely independent agencies. They have their selection, election procedures, free from the government or public interference. Naturally, the authorization becomes confined and intense.

With the increasing rage over betting, and making it legal, they always have a fear of loss. Being specific, the growth of betting industry has made them more careful and desperate. It’s like alcohol. If the liquor industry were smaller, then it would have witnessed a way lot rude attitude from the government. The lucrative side, involving a huge mass has forced them to be softer. Similar is the case with betting. The mouth opener transactions, the jaw-dropping budget of the deals is evident to get attention.

Expecting everything flawless is like a Carnot engine theory. Still, you can offer some resistance over the smooth goings of the above mentioned undisputed kings; at least some tussle between the government interference and the cricketing agencies would be interesting through the process. Being a cricket fan, we all wish some real cricketing action. All the best!   

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