Dark shades of friendship

Nida Saqib | 04-Feb-2017

A best friend is something I don't believe in for its just a relationship full of expectation yet nothing to feel. I don't call special people of my life a "friend" for they are far more vital than that fake game. I don't want to ruin my relationship with them. Therefore, I don't expect them to consider me one. By calling someone my best friend I feel like insulting our bond. For I don't respect the friendship as much as the world does. They preach it above the love But I guess love is the main reason for its existence. Without the feeling of love, you cannot get attached to someone to the extent that they can form a curve on that blank face. Usually, people get more broken in friendship than they get ditched in love,  it's just that they don't speak up because they think they will sound foolish by calling so called holy relation a fake bond. 

Dark shades of friendship

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Most of you will agree with me, you have more friendship break ups then love breakups, isn't it? But you buried that pain inside only by thinking that's how the world is, cruel.But my question is why to think so? When you make so much of hush-hush about betrayal in love and say "I won't love again, it's all fake", why don't you think same about friendship? 

Maybe because you think people will boycott you when you will say against their holy relationship which they preach so well. And that's why you continue to preach it with them keeping mum about your pain. But I can't do so, I am not someone who would follow the crowd.And I have enough guts to say that I hate friendship for it took everything from me, including myself. I won't blame a particular person for it. Maybe it was like I expected way too much or I expected them to do same with me as I did to them. Maybe they were right, maybe so were my expectation, it's just that they couldn't cope up with each other, Maybe, so many may be but nothing to answer.
You know even I believed in friendship like everyone does and was so much more crazy about it than most of you are, but as not every love succeed, not every friendship succeed too. You might be thinking I am just defending love but no, I am not doing so.

I just feel sick when people compare love and friendship and preach friendship above everything. Yeah ! I agree there are some people who get lucky enough to get a successful friendship but it doesn't mean everyone does. At one point people even consider friendship above the love of their parents, but no love is above the parents love.

Now I would like to bring in your notice, so common reason of break up in friendship nowadays, Love! Right ? Wrong. This is something you want to prove everytime friendship gets broken. Not every time friendship get ruined because of love, at times love get ruined because of friendship. It's not like every time when one falls in love he loses two friends, maybe after being in true love, he understood what actually being loved feel like and understood that those two friends were just with him to make him feel low about himself and everything he does. I am not here to offend friendship but everything has two points, I am just trying to bring the sides which get ignored to be noted because that's essential. 

Why do you think that the person who hates love is broken but who hates friendship is psycho? Maybe he is also broken and needs time to heal. But no how can you bare a word like "hatred" against such holy thing " friendship". After all, it has held people after a breakup, no matter if it was itself the reason for such ending. And now with friendship there comes one more thing friend zone! What is this? The damn zone where one lover is kept if the person he loves doesn't love him back but even doesn't want to lose the chance to use his feelings. Friendzone should be declared a country in itself because of there enough number of people in it, not only boys but girls even. So they will fill each other's loneliness, okay just kidding. I won't boil your blood much after all it must be at high temperature after reading all these things against your holy thing, but would just conclude by saying," don't consider one thing to be superior and another thing to be inferior. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. Be fair with every feeling and every thought, after all, we live in Democratic country like India and should think like one." 

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