Dear Best Friend

Ahmad Khan | 07-Aug-2016

Dear Best Friend, 

I have never been fascinated with the idea of counting blessings. Maybe, I am a pessimist who always wept over tragedies and forgot to laugh at the comedies life has entertained me with. Yet, I wonder, if I would sum up all the good things happened to me throughout these years, what else I will have to count except you and our togetherness. 

Dear Best Friend

Gratitude and friendship never walk hand in hand. Yet, sometimes I feel like thanking you for never leaving my sight, for always being there. When my girlfriend ditched me for some other guy, it was you who made me realise my worth. When I was suicidal over failing my math exam, you gave me hope by showing the bright side of failure. The way you convinced my father for the trip you couldn't go on, in the end, it was heartwarming. I swear on the secrets we have had shared: hangouts without you are always monotonous. I would prefer watching an already seen movie if I have you by my side, rather than, being with many people and miss your presence. 

I can't tell, how grateful I'm for you to give me so many unforgettable memories to smile at. You've strengthened my faith in relationships. 

Remember, when we used to call the teahouse where we had Samosas and Chaye Magic Castle, we were mistaken for now when I sit at the corner of the bar where we used to fancy sitting together, the French Fries fail to give that feeling. It was your presence which had made it magical. I still remember the day when you shut the door at my face and said: you don't care, I knew you did. Has that idiot eaten anything, I heard you asking my maid? Actually, sometimes I wonder, what have I done to deserve you? Maybe, I'm accidentally lucky or there might be a case: it was written. 

I do not know whether it is a good news or a bad, but you are not going to get rid of my madness, my crazy behaviour and my weird habits. When you fought with the boy who abused me and we spent hours in deciding where we would bury him, I decided to never lose you; no matter, how much we disagree or fight with each other. Even though, there is no particular day for our friendship to be at its zenith, yet, this day I would like to say: life without you would have been so difficult. Thank you for making it easy for me. Thank you for accepting a messy person who cannot even bear his own presence and now, one thing is inevitable:  you can count on me, like 1, 2, 3, I will be there.

~ Yours, Partner In Crime 

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