Dear Dad

Rachana Karri | 07-Sep-2016

Dear dad, for a person like me, who finds it hard to express emotions to a person, writing it down on a paper seems to be the most convenient way to say this, not to you but to the world, how much you mean to this uptight weirdo of a daughter.

There were times when things were not easy and times when the goings were tough. I saw what you could do and what you couldn't. I saw that at times you failed to be the role model you always tried to portray in front of your children.

But dad, you know what?

You will always be this weirdo's hero.

Dear Dad

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There were times when mom was frustrated with you and complained and cribbed for days and weeks and I being her only confidante was well aware of all your flaws and drawbacks. Sometimes, I too lost my peace of mind because of the hasty decisions you used to take and when they were not always the best ones.

But dad, you know what?

All these events never made me lose my faith in you.

We fight.  Sometimes like kids, arguing over something at length, no one agreeing with no one, either of us sulking in the end until one of us called for a truce or till the time mom stepped in and ended everything with a scolding for each.

We were more like friends and I never understood my friends who talked of their fathers being strict and bossy. You were my partner in crime when I wanted to have that roadside chat or the 12 am ice-cream. I can never imagine you as being strict.

But I think it is okay because mom is the boss for both of us and trust me, she is better at it than you will ever be.

But dad, in all these, I always saw a guardian and a trusting father who would go to any lengths to bring happiness to his family.

Thanks to you, mom always failed to wake me up early in the morning during holidays for you always stopped her saying that I hardly find time to sleep during the working days. She even complains that you always spoil me rotten. Well, I won't deny that.

If I really have anything to thank God for, then there is only this for having given me a family like this, a father like you and a mother like mom.

Dear dad, no matter what the future brings and no matter whom I meet, no one will ever be able to match your place in my heart.

Your daughter

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