Dear Reluctant You

Aditya Prakash | 22-Nov-2016

And I will tell you about it, I might get jitters, might feel gloomy and dark in the head but I will speak about it. Life has to go on people say, wonder why not they come up with some sort of manual to drive safe to the harbour. There are happy days, days where you live life by every moment, you inhale the liveliness and then one fine day your life gets caught in a wind. You don't seem to get the right drive to get off the situation you are shackled in. It is very obvious to a person to clinch himself to a shell, clutching the pillow tight as if could absorb the excruciating pain which people physically fail to recognise. Life has its way to teach the important lessons, people claim and I would agree to it as I have been there, there in the dark where the crevices never seemed to pass the light through the pits and the holes also acknowledged how relevant this phase was.

Dear Reluctant You

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At moments you look up to people and would want to drain it all out, giving in to the circumstances but the love holds you back. How strange that is, love had always been the light but when you come to think of it, it alters the conscience to incomprehensible roundabouts. You don't want them to face what all you go through just for the sake of affinity you hold beneath.

Do I regard this as a demerit of being expressive of this love? Introspection has been a friend since then, you come to analyse that you have drastically changed in person. People often succumb to the wounds of life tragically, little they realise how significant the phase of life had been. I know it is not easy crying yourself to sleep when the songs wander in the head like a bang which once was just a casual entertainment.

In the blues of the dark clouds, Did you befriend yourself till yet? You certainly need to ask yourself this question, the most important of all.  You seemingly dwell on others to justify the existence but you hardly realise there is an inner you which wants to embrace you with all your flaws and desperately wants you to know that how valiant a fighter you are. Life has given you lemons and very well you have to squirt them in its eyes. And about scars, heroic they are! Be glad you own one, you have got a story to tell, how things you have yearned for never came easy, how you had been through a tunnel of denial, deprivation and yet you were the one who turned up to the situations your way.

Next time when a turbulence is felt you need to click on to the most trustworthy friendship you would ever acknowledge, you would finally befriend yourself, the one who looks up to you through the depths to let you know how important you are to his existence.

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