Dear Sister

Ahmad Khan | 18-Aug-2016

Gone are the days when I was a child who needed you to deal with everything and everyone. It was overwhelming to have you in every thick and thin. Telling all the good and bad things happened throughout the day was my favourite part of growing up in your presence. At last, I was not just accompanied by a loving sister but by a bird which does not need wings to fly.

Dear Sister

Now that you are not just a sister, but a mother and a wife too, I admire all the roles you perform with equal benevolence. After me, your soul mate is the luckiest guy in the universe. Warn him to never hurt you; else he would pay a heavy price. I hope you remember the stitches of the guy who hurt you once. But I could not figure out why you scolded me in return. My superman shall not fight, you had said and I had just nodded. It has been twenty-three years that mom left us and there were times when I craved for her but you always comforted me with your affection. I have never said, but you smell like mom. And no matter how stubborn I was at times, you bore my stubbornness with your magical smile - the smile which would take away the fear of the monsters under my bed. When I would sit under the starry sky to find mom, it was actually your eyes in which I would see the light - the light which would save me from the darkness.

Down the memory lane, every moment spent with you was like a pleasant dream. The way you would never let the stress you got from your clients affect your mood and still listened to my talks which hardly made sense; it made you more than a sister - a part of mom's sacred soul. When I would blabber about my SPD craze and WWE partners, you would listen to me as if I am telling you an important thing. The way you taught me: failure and success are just a state of mind and I shall not be happy and sad in excess – it sublimely helped me in overcoming all the difficulties. Without a degree in philosophy, how did you manage to put things so precisely? Was it innate or did you inherit it from mom?

I know there were times when you would doubt if you have made me someone mom wanted me to be a - whether mom would be contended to see me - I'm sure she would be proud. But, do not blame yourself if I go astray, for no one can save anyone unless one is willing to be saved and when you hid your tears for my smile; when you stayed vigil so that I could sleep; I swear, you completed your part and after realizing all this, I don’t know what to call you except a divine attendant.

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