Destiny Rules! But What are the Rules of the Destiny?

Manisha Saboo | 06-Oct-2016

Destiny – the ultimate factor which works beyond hard work. The two pillars of success- hard work and destiny go hand in hand, one cannot be the victor with only one pillar by its side.

Some assiduous people, who also have luck by their side, often believe that it is just a word used by lethargic people to cover their success. But is it really so?  Have you ever wondered why two persons born on same date, hour, minute and second at same place may have different lives altogether, one may live like a king and another may be a pauper? Two students putting equal efforts in studying, two players playing with the same efficiency, two employees working with the same zeal, expertise and dedication can have different results altogether. We all have witnessed these things in our lives and sometimes are victims of these also.  And then, we start believing that it is the FATE, it is written there in the DESTINY to achieve or not achieve those things. Yes, it is correct. From my personal experiences also, I can vouch that no matter how much we try, if something is not there in our destiny, all our efforts go in vain and we are not able to get what we wish for and yet again, sometimes, without any effort we get things which are otherwise out of our reach.

Undoubtedly, true it is - that DESTINY RULES…!!!!

Destiny Rules! But What are the Rules of the Destiny

But have we ever paused to ponder over the fact that what are the RULES OF DESTINY; what does it take to make a destiny, what is the ideology on which destiny works?

Continuous studying and interpretation of the numerous spiritual books, articles and listening to the discourse of vivid spiritual teachers, we are now well conversant with the fact that as we sow, so do we reap. It is thus, imperative to understand that our own Karma, our own deeds, our own actions and our own thoughts which frame our Fate, our Destiny. We have seen that even a trivial good deed bounce back to us with something great and unexpected in return and a slightest wrong done to others or even unintentional harm caused to anyone due to us can also be the reason for a fatal or significant negative change in our life. That is why it is said that we are free to take actions, but cannot control their consequences. We have to face what we get and there is no escape to that.

Let me tell you two stories to elucidate and accentuate this fact:

First Story: The truthful king Yudhishthir, who was all for truth, uttered only one lie ever in his entire life, that too under pressure from others, for safeguarding Dharma only, yet that was not forgiven or set off by all the truths he spoke in his entire life and as a consequence of which the thumb of his left leg was rotten before he could enter the paradise, the only one to go there with earthly body.

To perorate from this, good and bad karma cannot be set off against each other and we have to face what outcome of each of our actions.

Second story: A lady had once offered one glass of milk to a thirsty and exhausted teenager salesman out of compassion and generosity, who came to sell something to her house to which she was repaid through treatment and payment of the hospital bills by that person at a much later stage in her life, in times of need, when there was seriously ill and had no one to look after her.

This perorates that we do not know how multi-fold benefits or loss a deed of ours can bring to us in not known to us, however, it is for sure that all our deeds will be squared off in this world only.

If you are religious to some extent, you would agree to the concept of the rebirth of souls. Even after this body dies, the soul doesn’t die and carry with it, nothing from these worldly treasures, but only good or bad Karma did by him all over his current and all the previous lives, throughout eternity, until it gets liberation from the bondage of birth and death. When at times, life takes mysterious turns, it is the mixed outcomes of actions done by the bodies - the soul had in all its birth and rebirths. Yet another example to support this fact are the children born with a physical deformity or mental problems. An innocent baby, who has just opened his /her eyes in this world, could not have done anything for or against anyone in his/her this life, still, face such an adversity of life. It is the result of the past life karmas of that soul, which leads him/her to this state.

Life works like this only, we are been served the dish made only with the ingredients we have added. And when it is said that we can change the lines of our palms and shape our lives in the way we want, it means that we can change our destiny to good or bad with our actions only. Goodness served returns with all the more richness and evil deeds make our lives worse. As the law says: for every action, there is an equal reaction.

Now, when we have come to know the Rules of Destiny, let us shape it in the way we want it by our actions and though Destiny Rules on our hard work, let us make it rule in the way we want it.

Although it may not help in negating the effects of the wrongs done by us whether intentionally or unintentionally, let us seek for forgiveness for the hurt and wounds caused by our thoughts, speech or actions to anyone in this world and let us start afresh by pledging that we will not hurt anyone from now onwards, at least intentionally. This will definitely help us in shaping our destiny to a better future and enriching our fates with love and happiness.

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