Did Nomi really deserved this?

Nida Saqib | 23-Mar-2017

Nomi was having lunch with two of her friends - Arena and Rebekah. Rebekah was Nomi's best friend, and Arena was one of the close friends. So Zoey, one of her classmate whom she didn't like much, came to her. Asking her to finish her lunch and give her some time for something important was needed to be discussed. That very moment she started talking to her friends "what might be the matter".

Did Nomi really deserved this?

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Nomi was sitting in the bus with Michael, Michael was her male best friend. As their daily routine, they were talking about all random things like what's happening around to what happened school. Then Michael told Nomi about the fight between the couple Aafi and Aadi, Michael's ex and Rebekah's ex; he said to her that it was Rebekah who was responsible for all the fight. As his friends, Zoey, Sobi and Aadi told him so. And that very moment Nomi felt sort of anger for his thought as it was against her best friend, Rebekah. But understanding the situation she hushed the topic off, as it was Michael, who had the most prominent place in her heart. But at night she couldn't resist talking about it to Rebekah, as she felt it was all said by Zoey and Sobi. She planned with Rebekah to talk about it to them, but Nomi also made sure to her that they both will do that together at lunch time. And just after the call, she asked Micheal whether it was said by Zoe to which he made clear that Aadi said it. At first, Nomi felt awkward for the misunderstanding that got created and thought to clear it to Rebekah, but it was too late to call now so anyhow Nomi was relief that she and Rebekah were going to talk to them at lunch so that she will tell all this to Rebekah in the morning only. But, Rebekah discussed all that by herself with Sobi and Zoey in the morning only. Nomi was shocked but thought everything is fine as she made the things clear. 

Nomi went to Zoey. Zoey called Michael and Sobi to come there. And Nomi called Rebekah as she knew what the matter was. But Rebekah didn't come and stood far just to watch what was going on. And in the group, Michael was arguing and scolding without listening to her point as Sobi and Zoey questioned his loyalty towards them which hurt him. But all this and such behaviour of Michael deeply broke Nomi, though she still tried to speak up, no matter how numb she was feeling from inside. But everything was of no use as Michael was too angry to understand anything, so Nomi left towards the class. In class, Arena was sitting quite far so she went near her so that she could feel better but Arena was all busy with others. Everything was just breaking Nomi to hell. As the class dispersed, Nomi went towards Rebekah. Nomi was all numb, so Rebekah asked her and tried to talk to her, but all she did was stand numb and was on the edge of crying. So, All broken and hurt she went to the bus. She was feeling betrayed by Rebekah and Arena as none could stand as a friend to her. Michael, for whom she could do anything did that to her, actually made her felt being alone with no one to care. And of course Nomi was not used to such drama she was someone who believed in "fewer people, less drama". Do you think she deserved this?

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